2022 Midterm Live Thread

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  1. First time in the tournament they didn't show the offside animation immediately, yeah?

  2. Nah, literally the first game Ecuador scored and it took about 5-10 minutes for a replay. Commentators didn’t know what was cracking.

  3. trippier was far from your worst player, he was quality with the few crosses he had. kane and mount just disappearing were your bigger problems

  4. I think absolutely no intent was our biggest problem! That could have been caused by the US pressing though, who knows. Easier to press cos we just passed between our CBs OR we just passed between CBs cos of the press.

  5. I played American football at a D1 university. A good chunk of my former teammates are with me on not allowing their kids to play American football.

  6. You bet your ass if everything carries on as it seems it should I’ll be betting on the yanks on home soil!

  7. England will go through if they don't lose to Wales by 4 goals.

  8. Weird how people see it differently! I thought Saka had a bad game, Grealish offered us more than him and Sterling whilst he was on.

  9. I feel like whoever is saying this match isn’t boring are just trying to seem smart for the “dumb uneducated Americans”. It’s okay guys. You can admit this game was shit.

  10. I think it’s people just trying to seem smart in general not just against Americans!

  11. Love how welsh player tackled our player ran after the ball, then went down when US got possession with some momentum.

  12. Dude I’m English there will be no love for me in here. When 1-0 up how many US players went down with ‘cramp’ or a light tap on the foot.

  13. English here checking in, cheers for that game after that absolute snore fest Netherlands vs Senegal.

  14. Case in point, Glimwood Tangle. Getting their in Sw/Sh and thinking wow this is really cool!! Then two turns later and it being finished. Oh, really? Well it could have been so much cooler.

  15. Top quality post. Should get you on the BBC doing some actual analysis for a change!

  16. Desantis might win by 15. He’s going to win Miami Dade.

  17. Shame trump is gonna force him out and run at 80yo. Bloody talk about shooting yourself in the foot republicans, that said still hope it’s a good night for everyone!

  18. I mean this in the nicest way, some of the republican picks could be in that clown show. If they’d run someone relatively sentient and actually conservative instead of Dr. Oz and Walker that would be two races in the bag.

  19. Invest poorly in the team for years (but people on this sub Reddit supported it)

  20. Nobody supported what Gao did. There was fair reason to be excited with the youngsters this season and everyone knew we needed a striker. They didn’t sign one.

  21. Sounds like you want prime people that could make much more money just doing construction labour for less than minimum wage to me.

  22. the min wage should be abolished and it was a mistake when the Conservatives stopped opposing it.

  23. I’d honestly be interested to know why you think so?

  24. I’ve see commercials like this too, “your friends will know if you voted or not”.

  25. As if a neighbour will go to someone else’s house!

  26. Unless that sixth is amazing, y’all got fleeced. Who knows, maybe Moss will be better with you guys

  27. Ha, good one! He’ll probably be RB3 below JT and Jackson. Rooting for you guys though, you owe us one a decade down the line aha

  28. Thanks everyone who responded. I'm trying to hold on to the shreds of hope you mentioned. Hope our country isn't lost :\

  29. I’m a bit late to the comment but if you really honestly feel that way, I’d take some time off the news for a week! It’ll be there when you get back. Chill out with your mates piss around with a hobby for a few days!

  30. I’m not really expecting Sam to be a franchise QB, but it’s also crazy to me how quickly people decide on a player these days. We’ve seen him for 2 quarters and so many people have already made their minds up. Could you imagine if Peyton Manning’s career was decided by his first two quarters of football?

  31. I always try to rationalise it as the internet just isn’t the world. Which is true of course!

  32. Makes perfect sense, cheers for explaining. Sounds like, at least for now, it would be unnecessary.

  33. Oh wow. Just been having a (albeit brief) read of Meech Lake! Don’t you love how efficient world leading politicians are. That was quite the rollercoaster read!

  34. The bar for modern cinema, especially comic book movies, is so hilariously low now.

  35. Please. That’s the most pompous thing I’ve heard.

  36. You’re weepinbell is the exact same energy as the official designer who came up with A-Exxegutor. I love it.

  37. I know! I’m saying you and the person that came up with A-Egg were in the same headspace!

  38. Cant wait to rewatch it all the time, I fucking love this movie

  39. I didn’t really dig it tbh, but I’m more than happy to support something (relatively) big budget that isn’t a remake atm. Glad people loved it!

  40. Yeah the army can't strike in the UK either - that's mutiny and they'd be court-martialled. This strike is civilian maintenance staff.

  41. Our police are banned from striking as well as far as I’m aware, they can strike in spirit by ‘working to rule’.

  42. They'll apparently try to elect someone in the next week, starting now I presume. I'm not sure how that'll work since it took 6 weeks for the last one.

  43. No member vote this time just MPs. So should be able to do it much quicker, I imagine.

  44. I don't have that experience. If it weren't for this sub, I'd have forgotten the film was even being released this year. I've seen literally zero advertising for it. Not even bus stop posters.

  45. It’s weird how the algorithms work, this happens with any ‘big’ film and I’ve seen both sides of it. Every YouTube advert I’ve gotten has been Black Adam it feels like, then there are other films where people say exactly that and I don’t see a single ad!

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