1. Always a good idea to check what item or liquid a specific town might be obsessed with. Sometimes it's really good stuff.

  2. Often, the lore will tell you what they like. Usually the lore is on objects and autoexplore will check it out automatically, but rarely you have to look at people because it's tattooed on them instead.

  3. It's pretty rough for people who aren't used to it. Some just couldn't wrap their minds around the notion that "outside wants to kill you".

  4. killing the weeps doesn't get rid of the liquids. and it was easy enough to avoid the acid and lava until the floor where the stairs down warned me of acid and i had to use burrowing claws to find a different way down.

  5. Yeah, it's a two-step process. Get rid of the liquid, and kill the weep so it doesn't produce more.

  6. well, it would have been extra ridiculous if it hadn't given me the "are you sure you wanna step into sizzling acid?" prompt

  7. Yes, fortunately the usual "do you really want to melt yourself" warning still applies when moving up or down...

  8. I'd go for Quickness. It's only 2 QN per level, but those other options are all awful.

  9. You don't need the lift to go back down there, you could just break the hatch (if it's still there) and jump down the resulting shaft. Or use a spiral borer to make new stairs. Or dig in from the side.

  10. Zetachrome used to be super common when it was first introduced to the game, yes. That was fixed quite a while ago.

  11. I've met people who said they were muslim, but they didn't act like it at all. It's mostly a show for their families.

  12. won't that just dig a hole in the wall or will it actually move me upward?

  13. It won't move you up, but it might reveal a passageway leading to a straircase up. There's always supposed to be one.

  14. It can definitely still happen. I had a rust wells generate in my current moon stair run where the pit and stairs weren’t connected for the bottom level of one of them.

  15. I guess they must have not fixed the bug properly, then.

  16. Is there no way you can get out of that absurd phone plan? 140 dollars a month is absurd, it should be between 120 and 300 dollars a year, maybe 500 if you want a fancy plan. Is there no way you can get out of it?

  17. You buy the cell phone (mine was 60 dollars just 2-3 years ago) and then pay for a plan, which costs between 10 (99 dollars a year, plus tax) and 25 a month.

  18. I mean a dawnglider could randomly kill them.

  19. That is a possibility, yes. Even if you do have secrets, you could die trying to turn them in.

  20. Yeah, it's a stat you want to be somewhat high early so you can Tinker, and then it's virtually useless to put any more points into it.

  21. Maybe things should be prohibitively expensive to tinker up if you don't have the required int to learn that level of the skill. That'd still let you make a thing or two per playthrough if you skip out on the requirements, but you no longer have access to the whole skill without significant investment.

  22. Well, if things were prohibitively expensive without the skill, you'd just never craft any, you'd go find the items themselves instead. No one's going to raise Int from 23 to 29, we need to be raising useful stats instead.

  23. Think of when you're wandering on the surface... it's pretty unusual for any individual screen to have stairs going down. Not super rare, but definitely not common at all. Those are the odds you're fighting against.

  24. I just tested Joppa effect. It's even more broken than I thought was gonna be.

  25. Nice. I assume that means it can trigger multiple times.

  26. Each asterisk has a chance to double the amount, so it's exponential if you stack asterisks.

  27. Yes, I noticed the other threads... unexpected that the multipliers would affect each other, but hey, makes it easy to get to that secret 10,000 cap you found.

  28. It doesn't even make sense because different people have different priorities.

  29. I typically make just enough food that I'm never going to have any left after the meal. Sometimes I don't make quite enough food and I simply add a bit of dairy until I'm satisfied.

  30. Paying any less than the full amount means you've blown through your entire emergency fund, your entire savings, and are now borrowing money at 20% interest.

  31. Programs like Duolingo will only give you the basics. After that, it's all about comprehensible input.

  32. I have never eaten one, and I can say with full confidence that they are much, much better fried.

  33. I'm salivating at all the experience and loot...

  34. Sellers agent is beholden to their seller. Why go to someone that has no duty to you to write up a contact on a purchase of hundreds of thousands when getting a buying agent costs you nothing??

  35. The seller's agent works for the seller, yes. What does that have to do with anything? You're not hiring them to do anything. You're either writing the offer yourself or having your lawyer do it.

  36. It's called dual rep in Ontario and the only way round it is to ban it.

  37. You absolutely do not have to accept "dual representation". It's just something selling realtors made up so they can ask for two commissions and keep both. Yes, it should be banned, but at the same time no one should be dumb enough to say "I'm OK with being represented by someone with a massive conflict of interest".

  38. Technically you can retire on OAS + GIS alone. You're going to be very uncomfortable if you have to rent, though, but if you have a house, you're going to be comfortable.

  39. Not here, at least not when I was in school.

  40. If you were eating carbs before going carnivore, you're going to experience withdrawal. It's normal to feel pretty bad for 3-4 days. A "sensitive stomach" is not common, though.

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