1. I hope she is found on Friday aka Feed the birds day! I’ll put some almonds out

  2. Please use biodegradable balloons they have some on Amazon.

  3. Thanks. Just checked. Seems like we are in good shape with the moon while we are there. New moon on 3/21 and we will be doing a bio tour 3/24, 3/25, 3/26 or 3/27.

  4. Good tips! Thank you, we rescued a stray dog last year as the pounds are at their max this time of year and it’s just sad to see so many lost pets let’s be proactive LA! Neutered and spay them..etc etc etc!

  5. This closed at least a few years ago. The one in Burbank is still open and they have a nice patio - and expanded the patio with the pandemic.

  6. Surprised nothing had become of the place since they closed.

  7. Local residents have first dibs so if you can snag a 4am do it

  8. Ah, that explains it. Thanks - I was trying to figure out why the system was so weird but it sounds like it’s to prevent tourists from buying all the tickets.

  9. If it's a senior citizen (65+) check with Medicare and a social worker will visit and tell you what they are entitled to and give you a list of possibilities. Also the Joslyn Center has a lot of information available.

  10. Looking for someone great! We have a list and all resources it’s a little overwhelming….

  11. Unfortunately there is nothing in Glendale besides Americana.

  12. City is not big enough to handle 300 more pets on the sidewalk. Glendale NEEDs a dog park.

  13. Post about the new Burbank airport in the works perhaps….

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