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  1. Yes, but they've seen and are giving first to both nrg and moist

  2. I just leave my phone on the charger at the start of stream and leave it alone for a couple hours while I do other stuff

  3. It is!! Oh my god I'm like refreshing the score board in between matches lol. Last night I was afraid to get off cus I was afraid we get lapped while I was sleeping

  4. Imo hunter is the best hands down. If you have a squad of hunters who know how to completely wipe you can get survivals done so much quicker(NMS or plat with modifiers).I also only play with homies so we don’t worry about kill stealing it’s about getting done quick and having fun

  5. 4 hunters are quick in nms?? ever looked at the lb?

  6. No I haven’t but Ik 4 hunters is pretty fast if you have 1 at each spawn point

  7. If you’re on discord here is a server with lots of skilled players to team up with

  8. I think at the beginning of the game khotun Khan says something along the lines of “I am the son of kublai khan, grandson of genghis” there is also an interview on YouTube with a sucker punch developer and a Japanese historian

  9. No. He says "Cousin of Kublai; grandson of Genghis." That means that Tolui Khan could not be his father.

  10. Awe shit. I do remember them addressing that in the interview I spoke of in the first comment tho

  11. ppl who use mmc are just 👎🏿👎🏿 then they think “oh yeah this kills so fast” when in reality doesn’t

  12. what’s mmc? want to make sure I haven’t been doing this as I just started playing plat survival.

  13. I find it funny how there’s just a giant smoke cloud then peacefulness lol

  14. If the rope was tied to the life jacket, he could just take the life jacket off?

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