1. And I for one would look forward to that and hear the discussion from those fans about what they’re seeing in fall ball

  2. I'm not sure how LSU structures their fall ball so I'm not sure how the sample size compares to VT, but on 338 pitches of live ABs so far, we've got 10 balls hit over 100, with the highest peaking at 112.6. We just started our live AB's on the 28th, so we might be a bit behind the curve on ramping up.

  3. VT will regress a bit but still be a top 15 team and make another supers run on the backs of a pitching staff with more depth

  4. It’s ok, we’re an everything but football school

  5. Pain and misery, put the dog with crocs back on the screen please

  6. King is the new Khalil Herbert where every run has the chance to be very good

  7. I mean, if you thought hiring Pry was going to turn this ship around overnight you’re in for a bad time, yeah

  8. I wasn’t expecting any miracle to happen this season, but I think I was expecting more than 7 points put up against ODU in the first half. Defense looks good though, which is a reason to have hope

  9. Pretty sure this is the coach that put one of our player’s bats in the stands after a bat flip on a homer. I have no other opinion on this guy other than the fact that it was a very weird thing to do

  10. Can you do Mason Nichols, Josh Mallitz, and Brandon Johnson? Interested in them after their late regular season to post season run. All of this is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Any chance you can do new Ole Miss transfer Xavier Rivas? He’s coming from U of Indy which is a D2 school so not sure if they’ll have the some capabilities and info needed for it. No problem if not. Thanks!

  12. Unfortunately I don’t have any data on him. I have to imagine that the percentage of D2 schools investing in Trackman is fairly low. Hopefully I’ll get an account up and running for next season that can put out data for pitchers after the game

  13. I’m new to college baseball. How much talent is Virginia Tech losing that they’re not in the preseason top 25? Or did they just way over perform this year so they aren’t expected to do as well next year?

  14. Top 3 bats are gone, probably Biddison as well. Firoved is gone, Hurney and Higgins are likely gone as well. Pitching should still be in a fairly decent spot next year with Green and Hack back, my guess is that Worley will step into the Sunday role. Bullpen is a question mark currently, but we have a big transfer that hasn’t been officially named to the public yet that should slot right in as the closer. We won’t be as good as we were this past season, but I wouldn’t be shocked if we ended as a top 20 team next season.

  15. From your descriptions I'm guessing you're using a scale with 50 as league average?

  16. Correct, it’s the 20-80 scale, with league average as 50.

  17. That would be nice, wouldn't it? Unfortunately, I don't see any way for it to make a return short of a miracle. But hey, I might make an account to monitor Stuff+ and Command+ for each game so everyone can keep track of their respective pitchers outings.

  18. Can you explain what these numbers represent?

  19. Stuff+ looks at the physical characteristics of each pitch and predicts the run value of the pitch without looking at location, while Command+ looks at location, batter and pitcher side, count, and pitch type to determine if guys are throwing pitches to optimal spots without caring for the quality of the stuff they're throwing with.

  20. So higher number is better? What is the scale?

  21. Yes, higher is better. It's on the 20-80 scale that scouts use, with 50 being the average.

  22. If you have Landon Gartman from Memphis and Nate Dohm from Ball State that’d be great.

  23. I need you to do this anytime a pitcher is mentioned in this sub

  24. I will certainly try my best to do that, can't offer any promises though

  25. I've got 3 pitches for him in the data, and the models really like him. The Stuff+ model doesn't love his CH that much, but it still has it at a 55 grade, while Pitching+ and Command+ love the CH, at a 70 and 65 grade respectively. The SL has every model liking it, with a 65 Pitching+ and 60 Stuff+ and Command+. The FB has a 55 Pitching+ and Command+, but it commands a 65 Stuff+, so with some better command on his FB, we could see a decent jump up in his FB quality.

  26. Got my stuff metrics working, whoever gets him is gonna be real happy. From the data I have on him from this season, he has a 70 grade Stuff+ on his slider, and he has a not often used curve and changeup that are 80 grade Stuff+, which is just bonkers if he starts throwing either or both more. His fastball is about league average. These numbers are on the 20-80 scale, where 50 is average with every 10 points in either direction representing 1 standard deviation better or worse than the league.

  27. His split-change is filthy and he was developing a better feel for it in the postseason (ask LSU). I suspect that its effectiveness might be a little skewed because when it was on, he threw it A TON.

  28. Looking at the data here, he has pretty good carry on his FB (18-21"), but his FB looks flat since he's releasing from so high that he has to throw down into the zone which minimizes the advantage that you get from having a high carry fastball at the top of the zone. If he was able to bump his release point down slightly without compromising his arm health or pitch movement, the fastball would take an immediate jump up in effectiveness. Good point on the location issues though, he's got below average Command+ on his FB which would also need to be cleaned up. Great stuff can generally overpower bad command, but you can't leave every FB in the middle of the zone.

  29. can't see anything, Trackman doesn't share real time data like baseball savant does unless you're connected directly to the server which would be in the stadium

  30. Also, whoever taught Horton that slider needs a raise. That’s a fucking hell of a pitch to just suddenly have in the past few weeks

  31. This fucking demon slider from Horton has only been a thing since the Texas game he threw in, which is not helpful for the whole watching video on these guys thing.

  32. It will be the site of our new pitching lab

  33. My heart is going to give out tomorrow at this rate

  34. I'm interested to see who starts tomorrow for the Hokies. IIRC they generally do bullpen days on Sundays.

  35. Disgraceful umpiring today behind the plate. I really wish the ump scorecard guy hadn't been shut down now lol

  36. Hey, me too! It was even worse sitting up in the press box today watching it, don’t worry.

  37. What a fucking bullshit strikeout of Eddie that was. Fastball 3 inches off the plate while 3 inches low

  38. Rough estimate here, but I just spent ~36 hours in the VT press box in the last 3 days and it was all worth it. This team continues to amaze me and I’m so damn happy that the work I do with them has shown up on the field this season.

  39. I am sorry I didn't think to use some burner accounts while setting that account up, maybe we'd still be in business otherwise.

  40. As much as I would love to share, Tennessee doesn't share data, and even if they did, NCAA has a wonderful rule where teams aren't allowed to actually tag game data for some dumb reason so no regional has actually been sharing data (unless you're UNC or Texas A&M who have been completely ignoring that rule). I've also been living in VT's press box for the last few days so I am dead tired, but I have used the time up there to workshop a few ideas for some more automated accounts to share some of the data with you guys in the future.

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