1. On top of those, I'm also flummoxed, flabbergasted, and appalled.

  2. 300mg at once holy crap I’d go into an intergalactic coma

  3. Six pieces so it's 50mg per, which I would still say is quite a lot

  4. Well I recently read he's allowing private planes to be exempt from a new law cutting down on plane travel

  5. So I launched a korok into low Hyrule orbit, as was the style at the time.

  6. There are three ways to get a korok to its friend: the dev intended way, the fun way, and the Max Power way!

  7. Father goes more to the right each day, trans daughter cuts the ties, father is happy with it. Nothing new

  8. The way he tells it, the left has moved too far to the left, essentially shoving him to the right (he tells it poorly)

  9. I know, and I know it's false (and a very dumb excuse too) no matter how well or pooorly he says it

  10. The new Mario Strikers release was pretty bad. I agree with you for the most part.

  11. Agreed, and made worse because I really like Next Level Games. Such an unreasonable price for its feature set.

  12. Usually when a bunch of comments say the same thing I get annoyed that people didn't check first, but I upvoted each and every comment in this thread about Tims being terrible now like it was my patriotic duty

  13. Yeah, like maybe 25 years ago this would have worked

  14. What do you mean? She looked so happy and at ease in the last episode. /s

  15. Also Walt gives her a lottery ticket. Safe to assume it will win the jackpot, otherwise there would be no reason to show us the ticket

  16. Then Summoning Salt replied with a fishpost (Fred from Spongebob distracted from his burger) so Haus deleted the tweet and Salt replied "nah it's fine" and Haus reposted it and Salt replied with the same fishpost again.

  17. "They won't be laughing when we invent quantum bits that allow for octets to go up to 999" -some guy at HP probably

  18. At least with re-runs the original creators still get paid.

  19. I like how prequelmemes marks them as reposts. That's all I need. If it's really good and I haven't seen it in a while, I might even upvote it, but in most subs, there's no indication, and certain posts are painfully overposted.

  20. When they're about to run away but I only have a handful of block cards,

  21. I mean, you can be smart and also be a crazy whackjob

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