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  1. Katt is also the Swedish word for it. So could be in Sweden.

  2. the dress looks great on you!! do you by chance know where it’s from ?🤍 i might have to buy one😭

  3. It’s so cute! I love the ruffles and dainty necklace :)

  4. some do like myself yeah. counter question, do small boob girls find it weird if a guy still sucks on them?

  5. Denmark: Sven's-trup (Sven's village, named after the founder)

  6. Today I learned something new about my little hometown. Thanks!

  7. Men hvis vi lige skal være lidt realistiske, hvem fanden gider at have én ansat der er syg 60-120 dage om året?

  8. Hvis vi skal være realistiske, så er det ofte kun 1-2 dage under menstruationen, hvor der opstår slemme smerter

  9. Der er normalt 20 - 23 arbejdsdage på en måned: Så 1 - 2 dage er stadig op til 10 % af al arbejdstid.

  10. Menstruationer kan dog variere super meget. Derfor kan der ofte være flere gange, hvor man slet ikke vil opleve slemme smerter overhovedet. Tænker 10% er i overkanten.

  11. Exactly! Why is it “but damn do I love em” and not “and damn do I love em”?

  12. Nikoline sodavanden forsvinder helt fra hylderne. Den er udgået. Royal Unibrew har opfundet Faxe Kondi appelsin som erstatning. Source: arbejder i supermarked.

  13. Can confirm. Source: min mor arbejder hos Royal Unibrew.

  14. Literally all of the women in my family and my friends have medium or big boobs, and I can’t help but be envious of them. I wish I had some women around me with boobs like mine.

  15. Eller måske kan man bare sætte hovedet på igen? Det kan jo være, at det er sælklæbende.

  16. So you prefer to be bare? How do you avoid getting razor bumps? I've tried it many times but it's always so itchy and uncomfortable.

  17. I always shave in the direction of hair growth, and if I feel it isn’t enough, I shave carefully sideways, but never fully against the grain.

  18. På nær hvis den, som min kat, tager musene med ind levende og slipper dem løs indenfor.

  19. I had a similar problem and been diagnosed with lichen sclerosis, I’d get a tear even from fingering although they didn’t take as long to heal as yours. Got a prescription for a steroid cream and I’m using e45 wash cream to gently wash it and use aqueous cream twice a day, it really helped!

  20. I was gonna say lichen as well. I have it too, and it sounds a lot like what she’s describing.

  21. Hvordan beskytter I jer, når I ikke bruger gummi?

  22. is this… really that normal? god if my boyfriend told me this i’d feel horrible

  23. Right? I’d imagine a guy feeling like this should be in an open relationship, but all of these monogamous dudes are saying it’s normal and to live with it. I wouldn’t wanna be with a guy who wants to fuck every other woman.

  24. I så fald vil jeg gerne købe en pose kun med de der ansigter

  25. djec says:

    Ja den skal der slukkes for, ellers render strømmen jo bare ud på gulvet

  26. Life hack: Sæt en spand eller anden container under hver stikkontakt, så strømmen kan rende derned, skulle man glemme at slukke for kontakten. Så kan man bare hælde det tilbage gennem en tragt.

  27. In Denmark we do it in front of them. Most women wear a skirt or dress that day, so it's not weird at all. I do the same at my masseur. When it comes to health we're pretty good at not sexualizing it in any way and act natural about it.

  28. I was about to say the same thing! When I had my first appointment, my mom advised me to wear a long shirt, so I would feel less exposed. Now I’ve done it many times, and I really couldn’t imagine having to put on a gown and all that. I just wanna get it over with as fast as possible haha

  29. I think your sim cheated on their partner with an Oompa Loompa :(

  30. Some of ya’ll don’t watch Rupaul’s Drag Race and it shows.

  31. Could very well be a breastplate from the symmetry of them and the way the harness is placed around them, but I’m not sure.

  32. Same with Danish. I think it’s the norm in many languages.

  33. Same, but mine have at least given me mental health problems lol

  34. Yeah, I’m Danish and I have no clue what that is.

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