1. heavy breathing: I’d fight giant alien bugs for Betty… we shall be her legion!


  3. Well that was a fun wikipedia read. No less than 3 of his nicknames may have been a reference to his large dick. What a Chad

  4. He had some odd units of measurement for his penis, that’s for sure.

  5. Only true chad’s measure their dicks using Mexican silver dollars

  6. Well… it does promote drinking… just not of wine…

  7. Oh, well we have a nice microbrew if that what you want instead.

  8. I prefer traditional Transylvanian fair. It is Hardy, never tastes the same twice, and certainly varies from… person to person.

  9. My cousin wouldn’t believe this theory because of one thing: when Walt went over for dinner at his place there were kids toys. He was convinced Gus had a secret family. I was like… that’s just the level of manipulation he is willing to go to. I feel vindicated

  10. I like the ones I know are referencing something obscure so I have to google what the hell they are talking about. Good example that comes to mind is the blimp episode where Mallory calls the bartender “Judge Crater” Who was a NY state Supreme Court Justice who went missing in 1930 and was never found

  11. Data got with Tasha Yarr before she got yeeted by the sludge monster. #Justice4Tasha

  12. Well…. Ty Cobb was kind of famously a piece of shit both on and off the field

  13. Not true! It's come out in recent years that most of the awful Cobb stories were completely fabricated.

  14. they havent even fully de-identified this one yet. weird. where is it


  16. I have heard many Germans outright disregarded Geneva conventions during the war. What a sad sight to see any soldier shot dead for surrendering peacefully.

  17. Let’s also not pretend like violating Geneva Codes were an exclusively axis activity. Americans executed prisoners, some where held accountable for it and some weren’t.

  18. Not one sided no. Just one side made it doctrine and tried to exterminate half of Europe…

  19. Nothing I said had anything to do with the Holocaust. I’m only talking about specifically execution and mistreatment of POWs. Every side committed such atrocities and I think it is dangerous to suggest otherwise, and minimizing it with whataboutism is reductive.

  20. Corporal to Führer took 15 years… the loser

  21. the point of the MnR pact was to buy time. Absolutely noone in the soviet union expected a peace to last between them and Germany. Germany's intentions of invasion were obvious long before the pact was made

  22. Stalin was warned by his own spy network, diplomats, and multiple other world leaders including FDR and Roosevelt that war was coming with Germany and yet he did next to nothing to prepare for it. He was described as in total shock and near mental breakdown in the first few hours and days of Operation Barbarossa by numerous historians. If the incredibly paranoid Stalin was this caught off guard then I am dubious that “everyone knew” what was coming

  23. I’m not trying to be a dick, ok maybe a little but uh…. Do you think this post, with 27k upvotes and over 200 comments that has a typo in the title, has been devoid of anyone pointing that out over the last 12 hours? That you alone, against all odds and with the weight of the world barring down on you, were the only one with the courage, strength, intelligence, or fortitude to comment and point it out?

  24. Your spelling is trash, indicating you are probably an idiot. I suspect your family feels the same way about you as you do them because you are more than likely the problem at the reunion.

  25. Oh boy you nailed me. Thank you for gracing me with your divine opinion, internet stranger. Quick follow up: does insulting random people on the internet give you some sense of power or purpose? Is that what you do when not using sports fandom as your personality? I’d be upset about what you said but I know the truth and I’m left only with pity for such a sad, angry, little person. Therapy would really be in your best interest. Good luck

  26. Shit I thought this place looked familiar

  27. This guy is the Jim Crane of policing

  28. He’s the Matt Carpenter of pitching … of Baseball.

  29. Literally every man watching Matt Carpenter: “Look at that gorgeous mustache. Fuck him for giving me these thoughts” Even Jomboy isn’t immune to its power


  31. I felt it pop and then I heard a few “splats” above and behind my head and was so confused for a few seconds

  32. It was (I thought) an obvious joke because the guy in the post didn’t switch accounts but apparently sarcasm is lost in this particular subreddit? I’m not sure tbh 🤷🏻‍♂️

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