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  1. iia says:

    Two carats and a piece of corn.

  2. Wow, vibes. I'm using this as one of my phone wallpapers.

  3. Controversial opinion: learn to do without instead of committing a crime.

  4. My partner and I got in a big pointless fight yesterday. We talked later in the day and everything is OK. But when I left yesterday morning, just fuming, I came to the bus stop where a woman was arguing on the phone with her, and I quote "dumb-ass baby daddy."

  5. You need to explore the significant information listed on the right hand side of this sub:

  6. How much have you learned about Gnosticism? And have you ever heard of the 8 circuit model of consciousness?

  7. It took me a minute. I was like what the hell did it grown on?

  8. The road of asceticism is matched by the road of pleasure. I don't know what a prescribing Buddhist would say (probably would vary quite widely). I DO know Ben Wa balls are for sexual purposes, and tantra is an important & effective path of personal growth.

  9. Reminds me of one of those Saw movies where the chick fell in a the pit full of hypodermics and had to find a key to open a door.

  10. Fell? I'm pretty sure part of the point of that scene was the disdain for addicts. She was pushed if I recall correctly, ya?

  11. There is something about outspoken and socially stunted conservative Christians that really get under my skin. I wish they could have their own country so they can leave us alone.

  12. I agree. But I also have to think "Do you want The Handmaid's Tale? Because that's how you get The Handmaid's Tale."

  13. Thanks, friend. However, I feel that a pepper spray can work against you instead if the wind direction is towards you

  14. They also sell pepper spray gel which makes it harder for the person to get off, as well as making a better stream.

  15. Or just live life dangerously: never fold your socks and wear whichever 2 you grab first.

  16. Hi. You just mentioned The Dead Zone by Stephen King.

  17. 90% false and made for karma. Smell the bottom of a pineapple, if it's smells sweet then it's ready to be cut.

  18. Creepy simps exist, so yep.. definitely, Belle Delphine made a fortune selling her "gamergirl bathwater"

  19. Well, on the one hand, you could be give in to the cynical, useless side or you could decide to accept the sweet side that affirms the beauty of human experience.

  20. As an Aries I think I more appropriately would be made out of poison ivy. Or kudzu.

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