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  2. Freaking amazing dice. I'm checking out your Kickstarter now!

  3. Scott Manley did a video on how to fly high recently, well worth a watch

  4. That video was my first thought too. It's a fantastic breakdown.

  5. Yeah he probably had one of the worst starts I've ever seen. Dramatic ages threw him straight into a dark age cuz Greece was just being a dick and attacking him constantly before he could even set up anything

  6. Leave it to Alexander to always be a raging dick!

  7. Wanting to gift an experience to my mom this year for Christmas! Anything in Columbus that’s more creative than tickets to a concert or show? Help!

  8. The Beatles Marathon. One of a kind music experience only in Columbus always near the holidays.

  9. Scott Manly did a nice video talking about this:

  10. None of us are contributing to climate change. Quit letting them pass the blame onto us and farms.

  11. We all are. As consumers, commuters, and voters. That isn't to let the power plants and factories off of the hook, but we all contribute.

  12. Yeah - I think that this is basically an income map with assumptions about how different household incomes contribute to emissions, with an offsetting factor for living in dense accommodations that make NYC look better.

  13. Seeing how it's a national map zoomed to Columbus, I expect you're right. There are base assumptions based on household income/home value and not much else.

  14. Yup, it's playable and fun but it requires a very different approach early on.

  15. Also the Celts are amazing with their industrial district getting a ranged attack.

  16. It's so dark and dreary here in the winter. I wish it was socially acceptable to leave the cheerful lights up all winter long.

  17. Do it. Hold on to your happiness however you want.

  18. Whatever makes you happy. The world is too shitty to not find joy in what you can. Anyone who judges you can bite my ass.

  19. 2nd! My Singaporean-Chinese family lives on Asian Taste's authentic Chinese menu! (⁠。⁠♡⁠‿⁠♡⁠。⁠)

  20. Joy Food is my favorite in Gahanna, for sure. I always have a soft spot for Lantern on Broad Street too.

  21. If you're asking about Chinese food that Chinese folks actually eat, any of the following: Xin Wei, Jiu Thai, Northeastern Chinese Restaurant, Xi Xia, Chinese Beef Noodle Soup, Chilispot.

  22. Amazing how they cluster around Bethel and Henderson (with 2 on High). I wish I was closer to that side of town!

  23. Is there any reason to not call in every possible alliance member to a war?

  24. It costs prestige to call in allies so if you are saving prestige for something else then you should think twice

  25. Does anyone know if they have water filling stations or if you can bring your own bottle in?

  26. I didn't see any water filling stations. Sorry!

  27. Haha thanks for responding so fast and no worries! I’m going tomorrow and I’m super excited!

  28. I had some updates in the content manager for the WUs, but they totaled just over a gig for all of them

  29. Currently downloading 45gb, not including the Reno air races.

  30. if the B2 cost 1 billion dollars per plane and is basically late 80's/early 90's tech, I can't wait to see what the details on this aircraft are going to be. The damn thing is going to cost 10 billion a piece, and for that kind of money, it better be able to turn invisible, have deflector shields and be able to hover.

  31. I don't doubt it will be insanely expensive, but it's also supposed to be much more mature technology than what the B-2 was at the time.

  32. I’m wondering about stealth precision conventional jadam and missle strike vs hypersonic, and/or stealth launch platform for hypersonic. Thought’s?

  33. I think it's pretty clearly going to be next-gen stealth/recon with long range cruise/hypersonic strikes. It's the wrong shape for itself to be hypersonic.

  34. Yeah...but is THIS from that show? That show barely felt more "edgy" than the CW DCverse, so I don't believe there were bared breasts in that show.

  35. They made a concerted effort to awkwardly cram one "fuck" per episode to make sure they were edgy. It was obvious and annoying.

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