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  1. If you arent an idiot about life, you dont permanently change your body to follow the current trend of the most sexy thing.

  2. Permanent? Mf just said diet, wear makeup and change clothes. What’s permanent about that?

  3. Make an afk farm. It is not that hard.

  4. Rune wizards and Tim start spawning as well as mimics so I can’t really afk it

  5. Yes, making fun of someone for their looks is going to wind up hurting other people you didn’t intend to hurt.

  6. Seeing “HES UGLY”, “I FEEL ILL”, “IM GONNA THROW UP” and “PUT THE MASK BACK ON” trending immediately after you post your face to millions of people has to be a heavy blow to whatever confidence you have

  7. It’s funny in the same way that an indestructible ship destructing is

  8. Why are people calling him ugly? I mean he looks normal. Straight teeth symmetrical face… I’m scared to take my mask off fr now cause… if he’s ugly I’m fucked

  9. It was the hype around him, imagine if for like 4 years there where a million people hyping you up to be Adonis, the perfect god amongst men, pure sex appeal pulsing from your very body

  10. Mainly because of all his fans before the face reveal. They were like “from his voice I can just tell blah blah blah”, eventually that warped public perception

  11. it's worse when video games 🥳🥳🥳 grades still at a good level without putting any effort into schoolwork so you spend all free time on video games 🥳🥳🥳 never bother to learn proper revision techniques sending you into a downwards spiral when life actually starts to require putting in effort and you have no clue how to go about anything

  12. Me but I’m in my third year of uni and Im still getting A’s for doing nothing

  13. A good chunk of school shooters for some reason, and serial killers apparently

  14. P sure kids in Lagos will see a body before kids in London

  15. Can we stop pitting these two queens against one another? What happened to girl power and women supporting other women? HELLUR?

  16. I don’t think it helped that sera came out when sona was in a bad spot and waiting for rework.

  17. True. But I feel like it’s time to Move on. Especially when these two are so strong as a duo bot lane.

  18. If there’s one thing a league player can do it’s hold a grudge ig

  19. Skill issue, kid wants to play on the internet he’s gonna have to experience the internet

  20. Agreed!! Mudma and Millidont deserved better

  21. Wtf I love mudma, i have had a perfect one in my team since I found out it existed

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