1. Does this power bar have an EMI filter inside? I bet it can mess with your tester, especially if nothing is plugged inside this ex. cord.

  2. After looking through the description of the power bar it does have "40dB EMI filter" listed, interesting that EMI filter could cause two different types of testers to read incorrectly. I do have a computer system plugged in before and I was surprised to see the tester show hot/neutral reversed, so I thought it was the outlet, but after unscrew the outlet to check wiring, it is correct, then I realized it's the power bar.

  3. Oops, sorry, that wasn't a good description, I've replaced a better one.

  4. I'm not sure, but recently I received a few of this type of messages, either claim from Rogers or something else (from actual phone number not like 4 digit numbers like yours) and all of them have "reply STOP to unsubscribe", if it is from scammer, it feels like they want to confirm if your phone number is active, so I rather just leave it alone and report as spam.

  5. My 7 Pro also shows this error this couple days, maybe the RM update server is currently down?

  6. This is a pearlfish, they have a special relationship with sea cucumbers. When they need shelter, they will often seek it up a sea cucumber’s anus. - Quote from: @sciencesetfree

  7. Did you turn the plug over in the outlet to see if it changes your tester reading?

  8. I can now confirm that this power bar does something causing hot/neutral reversed when plugged into a open ground outlet. I got a pen voltage tester, insert outlet's hot side it beeps, then no beep on neutral, but once plugin this power bar, it is reversed, beep on the neutral side but not the hot side, and if I test again with good outlet, it's completely fine, it's not reversed, very strange power bar.

  9. The power bar is a 3 pin plug, but come to think of it, I believe I have those 2 pin to 3 pin adapter somewhere at home, I'll find it and try plugging it in backwards and see what happens, thanks for the idea.

  10. OMG that is the cutest shiba mix i have ever seen! what are they mixed with?

  11. Yes, SolidFelidae is correct, the dog is Akita Inu breed as the owner stated.

  12. The email mentioned that it was breached around February this year, but did anyone notice the past few days after ShopperPlus's email about the data breach, I've been getting weird txt messages and spam calls afterwards. There are couple txt messages claim from Rogers that knows my name and with plan offering from 2 different phone numbers and ask me to reply, and a fake interact fund transfer and ask to click the link, also a spam call (call display shows Logit Group) been calling daily the past 4 days at almost the same time each time. Just be real careful now as if the scammers are really using the data from ShopperPlus, they knows your basic information and can easily pull you into a phishing scam.

  13. Are you sure it was L1? ... Because mine was L3 from day one.. RM can support L1 but the apparently RM didn't get certification for that to be added within playback applications.

  14. What phone do you have? I have the same issue with my 7 Pro even with the latest firmware, but I think even it goes back to disable, but it seems the information is hidden, all I see is there is notification for the app on the lock screen, but it doesn't show the message.

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