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TIFU by expecting my family to pay for my birthday dinner

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  1. Of all the super mega corps, I would comfortably say Disney is the least shitty. They generally put out really well made entertainment. They generally treat their employees well. They try to keep out of politics as much as possible. Their worst attribute is that they suck up a lot of creative entities but they try to keep those entities true to their origin.

  2. When Disney bought all the Star Wars stuff, they said they wouldn’t pay the writers of the EU books and such because they didn’t sign the contracts with them, even though they would continue to sell said books and make shitloads of money off them. Fuck Disney.

  3. Sounds like Lucasfilm stiffed those people but ok.

  4. Depends on the version of Hulk. World Breaker Hulk hands down. It took the Sentry to fight him to a standstill. Anything less than that and Ben wins. Dude has the sheer force of will the others lack.

  5. In high school I had a girl I didn’t know come up to me randomly and tell me I had beautiful eyes. I’m in my thirties and vividly remember this. Had she asked me out or for my number I would have immediately agreed. Guys never get compliments. Use that.

  6. The disappearance of Crystal Rogers and the murder of Tommy Ballard, along with the other Bardstown murders. Everybody in that town knows exactly whose responsible, but because of the corruption, it will all most likely remain “unsolved”.

  7. Honesty, I didn’t hate Jar Jar when I first saw this movie. His awkwardness seemed forced to me, which was why I didn’t like him, but if he was revealed to be a Sith in later movies, this would have made sense and I would have liked this about his character. His clumsiness and awkwardness was just overdone.

  8. The clumsiness and siliness was overdone because it was an act. But once this plot line was scrapped they just kept it as real.

  9. That’s what I was getting at. If they had continued with that plan I would have actually liked that it was overdone

  10. One of the few things that I really enjoyed about XY were the starter themes: RPG classes. Thought the warrior, mage, thief was ingenious and complemented the trio, but then it introduced having all humanoid starters in the forthcoming generations. Monsters come in all shapes and sizes as seen in Gens 1-5.

  11. I can do without the anthropomorphic Pokémon. Animal and monsters are great. Give me those. The Mr. Mimes and Gardeviors I can do without. Even Sirfetch’d is on thin ice imo

  12. The reason superhero movies are being made is because they’re making money. The reason they’re making money is because people want to see them. This guy needs to get over himself. Lol

  13. if you’re not a YouTube premium user then YouTube randomly shows you some videos on PiP and others not. Just so that you buy the Premium for such features.

  14. Seems like it’s time based then cause I’ve been using it for nearly every video since I got this phone earlier this year and just now can’t use it. Also, from what I’ve read, it seems like it’s supposed to be for everyone, not just subscribers. Either way, it’s incredibly annoying to take it away randomly and only makes me want to go back to Android. Lol

  15. I started smiling as it was falling. Why do we like this stuff? It’s so bizarre. Lol

  16. So, your mom took you out to dinner on your birthday, and wasn’t gonna pay for your dinner, but was going to pay for your brother’s, who is older than you? I really can’t think of any situation that would be a defense for her. And then they all ganged up on you? Your family sucks. Don’t defend them.

  17. Has anybody mentioned the Powerpuff Girls? It’s kind of an outfield answer but they hit all the marks for well written female characters. I can’t speak for the reboot but the original series was on point.

  18. I'm still very salty about Dexit, but not because of missing out on certain Pokémon. I'm more concerned with the fact that GF/Masuda/Ohmori lied about why they were removing the Pokémon. "High-quality animations", they said. "New models", they said. Instead, we got one of the most linear and barebones Pokémon experiences (IMHO) on a console that has so much more potential. It felt like a slightly higher-resolution 3DS game, and it suffered from the same "hallway syndrome" that Sun and Moon suffered from.

  19. Sun and Moon were actually fun though. Had good characters, story, and environments. And finally a new twist on the formula.

  20. He specifically states in this piece that kids can’t have major surgeries. The fact he titled his video this says he either didn’t watch it fully or is deliberately lying. My money’s on the latter.

  21. Outrage politics. The thing is even everyday people will spew this same nonsense AND VOTE ACCORDINGLY all while knowing it’s absolute bullshit.

  22. Supposedly reads a lot but uses a word in a way that doesn’t make sense grammatically lmao

  23. I thought the same thing but I looked it up and disdain can actually be used as a verb.

  24. The prosecutor getting upset at the judge is icing on the cake. Boohoo your client can’t lie to take people to jail waaaaah!

  25. She was straight arguing with him about dropping false charges. Prosecutors are part of ACAB. Whole system is fucked

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