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Nicola Sturgeon's interview with CNN's Amanpour yesterday

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  1. Oh wow this is "I'm leaving, be sorry" post.

  2. Great game BUT I got to the final boss with a baby and a mega situation... No matter how much you try to prolong life and train, screwed! Yes I rage quit but still a great game just a tad frustrating

  3. Yup. Replicate for the next Westminster election

  4. Tbf, there were no reviews before release. The company didn't send out review copies even to big outlets like IGN before the game came out. The only people who had it before release were lucky people who got a physical copy early.

  5. Did I imagine it or did they admit they lost the original code and had to remake the game? That could be why

  6. They changed developers and remade the game in a new engine since the old work was mostly unusable. This was quite a long time back during the development process though.

  7. Thanks, I remember vaguely but this answers it!

  8. Around the 60fps mark, beautiful soundtrack and starts of strong with the first 2-3 hours, about half visual novel and half combat so far

  9. Thanks for the info was worried about getting the switch version so glad I went for it in the end. Can't wait till it comes!

  10. Same. Some over 800 hs in bl3 been playing it over a year, loved all the franchise. Its not even that's its bad it's just so short and then just repetitive. Never even maxed my second character

  11. Been listening a lot to James lindsays new discourses. He lays it all out about cultural Marxism, wokeness, Race Marxism, Equity, diversity, it’s all just rebranded communist propaganda,

  12. I think you need to actually read a book and stop listening to psychos on YouTube. Or maybe it's too late for you idk

  13. 20 years is optimistic. I think the next ones will be tory again. Plus is SIR k starmersteinany better?

  14. What you the people in England see this money, aren't you the ones with free prospectus, free Sanitary products. And all this other stuff that England doesn't get. Like fuck me yes you get mony off the England and what of it, always with the North Sea oil, it brought work to you didn't it and people to the towns near them which is more money. You talk like England takes and give you nothing, I just poiting out yes you pay tax and yes Westminster give you more money.

  15. I just love all of the people like you saying yes you have great social policies but England gives you money for it. Here is the world tiniest clap for England who obviously wanted us to care for people

  16. Also, what happened to the blank Titans the Emperor made? Did they all get destroyed during HH?

  17. Been on my wishlist on steam for yonks! Can't wait!

  18. We have no idea what the emperor believes himself to be. 10,000 years ago, sure, he insisted he wasnt a god. And we don’t even know if he was telling the truth.

  19. I think he only didn't want people believing in gods as that leaves them exposed to corruption by chaos gods who come and say hey I'm a god worship me. Easier to corrupt superstitious minds

  20. Shepherd. Because its an amazing story and if you play all 3 concludes and ends massively impacted by your own decisions. And daaaamn they're hard

  21. Nope. Hated the cunt thought he was a lying player even when he was running for the mayor of London and swore he'd protect the jobs of the people on the tube then replaced them all with ticket machines

  22. That is an interesting one because of course technology should be used where possible. Stopping advancement to protect jobs is literally what the Luddites did.

  23. Yes I don't disagree with the technology, just with the open lies. But it worked for him so maybe I'm wrong

  24. No game no life and HOTD. I really liked HOTD and Saeko😠

  25. I was really hoping for something better than afk arena but seeing P2W skins that give extra stats.. even afk arena doesnt do that shit

  26. Same escaped afk 2 months ago and it now seems worse.. Time for a new game I guess

  27. In some languages a word similar to race is used. In Dutch for example it is "ras" which means both race and breed

  28. As someone coming from Bosnia I have to say it's not that we hate UK just look down on it. Every time I phone my mother she asks why I live in that backwater when I can't even afford heating 24/7 in winter. Tito, the one true god, would die all over again if he knew. Glutton for punishment I guess

  29. You know when kids in a playground have a fight, one calls the other poopface and then is not invited to their birthday party? Yeah.

  30. They have a valid point. It’s an internal custom to call ourselves countries but from an international perspective the UK is our country, no matter how much a minority don’t like it. It’s a term that has different meanings depending on how it’s used, but ultimately it’s the international recognition that dictates whether somewhere is a country or not. The fact there’s even discussion about it should make nationalists realise that their perspective doesn’t match the reality.

  31. As someone originating from a former yugoslavian country I find your point erroneous

  32. This is the politest Balkan internet comment that's ever happened and I'm savouring that it happened in regards to an argument about Scottish independence

  33. Good luck same! Been playing 2 and a half years quit last week started mythic heroes has the same feel but still new so not so geared to p2w yet. Last thing is now to quit reddit afk too. Don't miss it at all!

  34. Unbelievable that this wasn't in place from the outset. Swinney's justification smells of shite, it is not at all credible when pretty much the rest of Europe has always managed what Scotland is only proposing now.

  35. Guess what? I live in Scotland went online booked one appointment online for both my 3rd booster and flu jab chose my own time /venue. Can't comment on anything else as I don't know about English versions

  36. We are talking about February/March as my parents are in their late 60s. In any case, Scotland made a big fanfare of opening up online bookings when the young cohorts time came. England had it from day zero.

  37. Cool, had you said before you would have saved me a whole lot of righteous rage

  38. I buy a new shampoo bottle sometimes cause I'm bored and just bin half of the old one

  39. Oh ye Gods. I never thought of that. Simultaneous translation is damn hard even when the speakers are coherent. I can’t imagine dealing with the noises coming out of Boris.

  40. For someone who's been doing it for years I can say it is challenging and makes you think you must sound like an idiot yourself and an incompetent bafoon to people listening. So in a way you succeed as you are painting a picture of just that

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