1. Ooh I should do this! I have most of the same collection (minus art things) and got those limited edition Aang and Korra bookends!

  2. The number 1 thing to consider is cost of living. Rent is EXPENSIVE. I live about 2 hours away too. Years ago I lived downtown but the apartment I used to rent at $900/month now costs $1600+ so I moved home and commute now.

  3. Chocolate is really bad for dogs. I'm sorry you had to go through that but I'm glad you gave her such a good time.

  4. I would be worried it'd add pain too. Sounds like it didn't? I hope not at least. At least everything else sounds really fun for the pup

  5. Office hours aren't a punishment! They're a highly valuable resource and I'm sure that's what you're prof is trying to teach. I've gotten a prof to read over a paper for me, telling me how to fix it before submission for a better grade

  6. No way 0 women smoke in China. The exact quote I was told by from someone from there: "Everyone and their mother smokes in China"

  7. Exactly what I was thinking! Terry loves yogurt

  8. Whats an open elective? And can anyone take them?

  9. I'm pretty sure everyone can, but they don't count towards every degree

  10. So just paying for nothing? Is a credit not a credit?

  11. If you look at your program's curriculum (list of what courses you need each semester of your program) it'll tell everything you'll need to graduate. Some programs, like Computer Engineering, require essentially no electives. Computer Science, however, requires 4 lower levels, 4 upper levels, and 4 open electives iirc. That's how you find out what will and won't count towards your degree

  12. Hiw on earth did this man manage to present himself as a serious scholar and propelled psychoanalysis as he did is beyond me!

  13. Seems like this guy was doing an awful lot of projecting

  14. I’m in my third year now and have never experienced a “cancelled” lab. Only heard about that for the first time last week when a different prof mentioned it in relation to low attendance.

  15. Really? Also third year, never had a lab run until week 2

  16. Gorgeous. Making me even more excited for spring to come back here. Zone 6b in Canada, so we've still got some months to go

  17. THE DRILL FORK!!! I have witnessed this irl! But not this one, a different one years ago 😂

  18. I've seen this done before. The guy just cut the end of the fork, then tightened the drill around it. We did it because we REALLY wanted whipped cream and we had cream but no whisk or hand mixer

  19. I'm still an aspiring JET, but I can tell you about my time living in Quebec as part of a Canadian cultural exchange program (as in, teens from English speaking provinces go to Quebec, Quebec teens go to English speaking provinces). It was just 6 weeks. It was INTENSE.

  20. Yup Explore is a great immersion program. Hope you got a lot better with your français

  21. Oh, I went through the YMCA's Summer Work Student Exchange program. It was $100 for the whole trip, and that was just to make sure you showed up. Gov and Via Rail covered everything, including weekend trips go anywhere from bowling to rock climbing by the St Lawrence. Just some good morale boost to get through rough weeks

  22. Red mentioned she's ace in a qna video. Blue mentioned he is ace in the podcast in the episode about his wedding. And cyan mentioned she is ace somewhere in the podcast. I don't remember what episode exactly

  23. Oh really? I remember Red mentioning that. I've listened to the one about Blue's wedding twice and don't remember that. That's the one where Red and Indigo talk about being Groom's Mates, right?

  24. When I was a first year, I applied for residence. My commute is about 2 hours and it still took until January for a spot to open up for me. I'm sorry to say you're not likely to get in

  25. Then Dawn of Yangchen! It's more espionage and intrigue than Kyoshi's "give me something to hit" methods. Both are great

  26. i hate the location of tmu bruh and not to mention the safe injection site that’s practically on campus

  27. I mean, it has to go somewhere. Considering it needs to be in a densely populated area with easy access through public transit, where would you put it?

  28. Divinity Original Sin. I've known a few people to love it, which is why I was so excited to try. Tutorial went fairly well. I'm not very familiar with these sorts of games, so I tried to do when I thought it wanted. I got hard-locked in a jail cell. Only fix was total restart. Felt punished for being new, never touched it (or the genre) again

  29. My brother once asked me to make an app for him that would be Uber but for food. As in, the way people use their own cars for Uber, people use their home kitchens for his app. Entirely forgetting about health inspections, the regulations on commercial kitchens, etc

  30. If there was an app that connected me with someone's Abuela to make me a home-cooked meal, I'd be a happy man. Nothing like a meal made with love from someone who indiscriminately thinks you could benefit from gaining a few pounds.

  31. Ha, that does sound pretty sweet. My concern was it'd be more broke 20-somethings trying to sell their excess over-cooked pasta with canned sauce. I say that as a broke 20-something. Maybe a few of them who let their cats walk on counters before using counters directly as cutting boards - I've seen it before.

  32. On top of what everyone else has said, she's much more concerned for him in the comics (Smoke and Shadow)

  33. My current project is inspired by real experiences I want to share with people. There's this tech lab on my school's campus where everyone is welcome to come and learn for fun, to play with technology, make whatever they want. It's one of my favourite places in the world. I'm channeling that into a story about a robot coming to life in a lab, seeing the world with fresh eyes. It's a game about wonder and discovery. Cozy game where solving puzzles unlocks new rooms.

  34. You can search MyServiceHub. Just put a "c" in front of the course code

  35. ok thanks👍 quick question though, so basically if Tom drops a pencil, I say "you dropped a pencil Tom", he doesn't hear me fully and says "who?", then I say Tom. is that right?

  36. To my understanding, you'd say "Tom dropped the pencil" even if you're only talking to Tom. When my Japanese teacher and I have conversations, we never use あなた or any form of "you" just names

  37. nice. I still haven't gotten shipping notification yet.

  38. I got mine a couple days ago and still haven't gotten the shipping notification. It's weird like that

  39. What I do to wipe my memory of this show and start fresh. Enjoy!

  40. One day, I want to go through everything chronologically, from Wan to the Yangchen books, Kyoshi books, ATLA, comics, Korra, and Korra comics. It's not quite starting fresh, but it certainly gives you a new perspective. ATLA feels so small now, the loss of the airbenders so much more tragic when after getting to know them and their culture better

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