1. Vastly overpriced Chinese razor, and badger brushes at this price point are junk. Stand is superfluous, soap mediocre at best. You can get better stuff at half the price.

  2. Compared to what I see here, my 23 bottles and a handful of samples make a rather small collection, even though I don’t know anyone except my wife with a collection at all…

  3. I’d say there’s nothing wrong with a French press if he likes that style, invest all money into the best grinder you can afford.

  4. Yes I should say I have nothing against a french press, but his is a mixture of yellow and brown stains and genuinely rusty, a good replacement is an option for sure

  5. Then a nice replacement won’t break the bank, either. I recently got a simple set up for my surgery: A Bialetti Venus on an 8 cm hot plate, an old Nespresso milk foamer and an old Rocky grinder. Not fancy, but beats the Nespresso we had in the kitchen - and I can buy beans from a local roaster.

  6. okay so there's not a hard yes or no to whether perfumes improve with age. they might smell better to one's nose but that's purely personal preference (maybe people who age perfumes just don't like top notes as much?? lol). in fact, aged perfume usually has one of two things happen: either the smelly chemicals in it will oxidize and degrade (so the scent changes, top notes often disappear, and the scent potentially also becomes sensitizing which is kind of like giving you a permanent allergy), or the alcohol will oxidize (which means it will smell like vinegar, and it will react with the smelly chemicals which changes the scent).

  7. yes, i do. oxygen and water speed up the oxidation of alcohol, ethyl alcohol included. when we store perfumes in a humid bathroom, or as we use up the perfume and leave more space for air in the bottle, the alcohol will oxidize faster.

  8. I just wonder if these considerations have any real life consequences. I have quite a few vintage fragrances several decades old that don’t show any off notes and that leads me to believe that the issue is vastly overrated, even more so if you do not collect vintage fragrances.

  9. Soaking and scrubbing in warm lye (potassium hydroxide) is the preferred method here, cleans well and and kills anything else as well. You just got to know the proper safety precautions like industry grade rubber gloves and safety goggles.

  10. As in the fertilser sort? Or does that have sulphur or magnesium in it as well?

  11. Nothing of that sort. I’m speaking about lye, that’s a solution of potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide (the latter commonly known as caustic soda).

  12. photos of products I use and my skin directly after shaving with stubble and breakouts

  13. That’s neither a safety razor nor shaving cream, but a cartridge razor and canned goo, notorious for causing ingrown hairs.

  14. Proraso is mediocre, but it should lather easily. More product and way more water, I’d say, you want heavy, wet, shiny yoghurt like lather. And you don’t need a bowl, I vastly prefer face lathering.

  15. That’s a common assumption, but has been disproven empirically. There’s no difference in drying time standing up or hanging down.

  16. My reaction wouldn’t be quite as enthusiastic, but the EDT is actually quite good.

  17. A straight razor (“straight edge” is a ruler) is a knife-like open blade that folds into protective scales and has to be stropped and regularly honed. They’re expensive to buy (entry model Dovo is about 100$ plus a strop), and must be meticulously maintained, but don’t need replacement blades.

  18. Only thing I would add is that the learning curve is much smaller with SE and DE razors.

  19. I’d stay far away from that clinic. The products they use besides PRP are not stem cells (which would have to be derived from your body), but cell extracts used for skin rejuvenation:

  20. Straight razors don’t need blades, they are honed and stropped. What you mean is probably a shavette, something quite different with a similar form factor.

  21. I’ll assume you’re already using a safety razor? If not, that’s the answer. You said you wanted more precise shaves, does that mean you need to shave around a beard / goatee or the like? I do that with a safety razor just as well as with my straights.

  22. Go to Maggard Razors and look at their starter kits. Their razor is a copy of the Merkur / Mühle / Edwin Jagger and they offer different heads that are so affordable you can test different ones. Lather made from shaving soap and brush is way better than canned goo.

  23. No. Nespresso in any iteration is absurdly expensive and bland tasting at best. I got a Bialetti moka pot (not real espresso, but close enough for a very low budget) and a Nespresso milk foamer (heats and aerates ok) to make good enough “lattes” in the office.

  24. Nowhere in this post ever did the OP say that they were buying the perfume because it was "niche" or as a flex. They just like the way it smells.

  25. You don’t have to convince me of the qualities of Heeley, I’m partial to Vetiver Veritas myself. As incense goes, I’d probably prefer Eau Sacrée over Cardinal, but the religious associations preclude me from wearing either.

  26. It’s an excellent classic “male” fougère that was adopted by (French, IIRC) lesbians and even maligned for that, well, that were the unenlightened eighties.

  27. Thank you for this bit of history actually. I really appreciate that. I’m excited to see what it smells like on me!

  28. I even found my source, Luca Turin, one of the few “reviewers” with considerable chemical and historical knowledge:

  29. What’s the point of the proraso pre shave. I’ve been considering purchasing it but honestly unsure what it does.

  30. It compensates somewhat for the mediocre quality of the shaving soap. Good soaps make preshave superfluous.

  31. It’s a Gillette Slim adjustable from the 60s and I do believe that’s the code, but I’m not entirely sure what the letter number combo means.

  32. It’s the date code: Fourth quarter of 1965. Slims are good razors, IMHO better than the hyped Fatboy. That was more of a quickly replaced beta version, which is why it is rarer and more collectible, but not a better razor.

  33. He’s probably using cartridge razors with three to five blades. These are known to create problems (ingrown hairs) for a lot of people, especially with curly stubble typical for an African heritage.

  34. Fragrance isn’t food and five years isn’t “old”. I bought decades old vintage fragrances from the eighties and nineties that are still excellent.

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