Stop letting service members make tik toks

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what are the most screamable song lyrics you can think of?

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New York Suspends Giuliani’s Law License

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  1. Book It… holy crap. Read your five books and get a free personal pizza? That thing?

  2. but its cool to smash everyone in the chest with a huge mallet right

  3. Should have included a /s on there lol. Went right over people’s heads

  4. It's a powerhouse. I think it's a toss up between it and the first Matrix movie.

  5. And both hold up so well. The effects are still good somehow.

  6. Avatar really wasn't that great. It was purely eye candy, empty calories.

  7. I’ve tried to watch it twice and fallen asleep both times…looks beautiful though.

  8. Just because I have fewer friends than the “normal” range does not mean that I have no friends at all nor do I not have any fulfilling relationships. My parents tease me because I have not nearly as many friends as my brother and it hurts.

  9. Why would anyone want a bunch of friends? How can you have meaningful relationships with all of them?

  10. It is decent though. A software engineer can leave pretty much any company in the country and have a new job tomorrow, making more. If someone offers money to leave, that's a great deal. My company offered this when I was a younger engineer, I happily volunteered, and was turned down promptly, because their goal was to get rid of older, less productive engineers, not young ones who weren't super high paid anyway.

  11. Company: We are offering money for you to quit

  12. I was made to adjust my leave to go buy something two states over because three days was apparently not enough for someone in late 30s to drive ten hours each way.

  13. I mean…driving 10 hours a day isn’t all that safe. There are reasons the army only wants you to drive 6 hours per day when PCSing.

  14. Truck drivers drive 13 hours per day and typically do not have a copilot.

  15. I’m well aware and it’s incredibly unsafe.

  16. I'ma take a moment to reply to myself since this is toward the top and a lot of people seem to be confused by this. A leave form isn't necessarily a tool to charge you earned paid time off (PTO) aka leave in military terms. It's an accountability tool. If someone has a DA31 covering them from February 30-31 that means it's known that they are not going to be at work on those dates. This is an excused absence, aka not absent without leave. Your unit is tracking that you will be gone with a scheduled absence. This is normal. There's many types of things you'd do on a DA31, regular pass, special pass, mileage pass (which is a regular pass but outside the area), permissive TDY, convalescent leave, maternity/paternity leave, adoption leave, the list goes on. Just because your unit requires you to fill out a DA31 is not necessarily a bad thing, it's simply a CYA for the unit, and more especially you. Embrace the DA31, it will be your savior.

  17. Everyone has nailed it. Bury yourself in those scale studies, first and foremost. In college I was assigned one key a week and had to do most of the lines in that key. Start slow and make sure everything sounds accurate and consistent before bumping the tempo up. For an extra challenge, slur all the lines. After that week of improvement, move on to another key.

  18. Let's stage a #timestrike in the fall. Everyone just refuses to change our clocks. It'd be real distributive and the government would be forced to let us keep this schedule.

  19. Not sure if Coast Guard or Commanding General…

  20. Whatever that first song was that made her popular, that one was cool because it was different. Then everything else she made sounded just like that and it wasn’t novel anymore.

  21. Digimon movie soundtrack anyone? So good!

  22. My first CD. Not a bad choice at all.

  23. everyone always said this but i was definitely warmer with more layers on. and then people would say i’d be cold when i got out but this wasn’t true either

  24. The reasoning behind stripping down is that you will sweat less while sleeping. You do not want moisture on your body when it’s cold AF outside. You’ll be nice and warm, then sweaty, then you’ll be freezing because of the sweat.

  25. yea i don’t get why it’s preached like it’s gospel like this guy said. they should preach, sleepin in enough layers to be comfortable

  26. Because you could end up getting hypothermia…?

  27. We’ve had several that have A LOT of red in them. Our colors are purple and white.

  28. Primary Zone=TIG and TIS Secondary Zone=TIG

  29. But like, why? Shouldn’t it be as simple as

  30. It's so people that suck dick for awards and go to "X of the month" boards can promote faster than their peers in line companies.

  31. But how is it faster? Almost any time I’ve looked at the points for the secondary zone, they are higher than the primary zone. So that person who got promoted while in the secondary zone would have beaten all of those in the primary zone anyway.

  32. Icky thump whodda thunk sittin drunk on a wagon to Mexico?

  33. So much good music in those two cds.

  34. honestly i think mario kart wii (2008) is the best game to ever exist and i will stand by it

  35. This game was a lot of fun, but online competitive play got really stupid. Too many blue shells, etc. There were some easy maps where you’d be more likely to get 1st place if you stayed in last place to get a star or bullet bill and then use it on the last lap.

  36. Yep. You get reduced-salt tomato sauce but three aisles down you buy a battenberg cake 🤷🏼‍♀️

  37. Press briefing to be held at 6pm this evening at the Supreme Court Café in Billings Montana. Will be wild.

  38. Are there two spaces between each word?

  39. Suite is probably the word you’re looking for, mate.

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