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  1. Ok but like, how are you going to feed that many people without it?

  2. Its much more efficient to use land to directly farm crops instead of using those crops to feed animals, the energy conversion of crops into food via animals is roughly 1 to 10.

  3. Looks like a breeding ground for disease, hopefully none pass to humans

  4. Alot of major diseases come from human eating animals, or at the least made worse/transmitted by it. ebola, corona, bird flu, swine flu, hiv is theorised to have come about this way originally & many more

  5. I refused to dissect my junior year*. They tried to make me do a 50 page paper about frog anatomy instead. I recognized that as an attempt to punish me, refused to do it, failed the class, and took it in summer school. I passed the summer school class without dissection by typing other students' papers for them so everyone would pass the class and the teacher would get credit.

  6. Similar situation for me in 6th grade, wasn’t vegan yet but did refuse.

  7. They put them in the meme list, super disrespectful

  8. Since I’m currently online, I just wanted to pop in real quick & wish you some good fun with the rest of the series.

  9. sometimes the time isn’t wasted. I like to search for these kind of recommendations threats in the hopes someone already made one, so the answers are already there & I don’t need to hope that it will actually get responses, when I’m looking for something specific sometimes.

  10. /uj i wish it were just cis people. i was on a date with a trans girl the other day and she misgendered me :/ fucking hurt way more than when cis people do it

  11. /uj it really just betters the odds, sadly it’s not a guarantee

  12. /uj Potential? Let's be real he's probably gonna be their main candidate. And what with the death of the "groomer" euphemism in favor of just straight up pushing for genocide, there's an upsettingly high chance he'll win. I really fucking hope the bastard drops of a heart attack or something before 2024 rolls around.

  13. /uj makes me wonder if it would be better for our chances if he drops dead mind campaign or at a different point.

  14. /uj I've never seen anyone unironically say any different. At most ask wether the prevalence of genital preferences stems from a problematic internalized view of trans people, which is a fair question.

  15. /uj I guess I fall into the camp of asking that specific question, to me it also is the way beauty standards exists in a way that reinforces certain bodies & how a persons perception of body measurably changes from being expsoed to more diverse media.

  16. Making them pay is not a coherent game strategy. It is just a toxic mindset.

  17. if speeding up the game is the goal, it really doesn’t matter who gets targted with the spells used on the way out, so I don’t get why one would target one person in perticular over another other than spite.

  18. so many people are like "but I grew up with HP" "but I just loved the books" "but it was such a big part of my childhood" and its like please just be nostalgic for something else PLEASE stop giving JKR money and power

  19. like there comes a point in pretty much everyones life where it turns out a thing they like was made by a bad person, be it the smiths, the golden compass or enders game, it’s about how one handles it.

  20. You made me check again & it seems that while remembering, I totally mixed up two authors in my mind, thanks for calling this to attention.

  21. Kind of suprised there is so many people asking in the comments if your point was about wanting to justify eating honey, when the qouted text in your post states some of the negative consequences of taking their honey from bees.

  22. The thing is that they don't anymore. The rightoid chuds are going to throw fits like this for the rest of their lives, but society has already decided that it's fine and nobody of value cares. That's why games already have this stuff. Because the people paying to have this stuff made know they'll make more money accepting people than they will by pandering to chuds. It's why right wing movies do dog farts at the box office while every "woke" movie pulls millions.

  23. I would like to believe that, but looking around there is a lot of places that are not only not getting better but are actively getting worse, implementing more discriminatory laws.

  24. /uj don’t post there it’s a right wing recruitment tool & only gets legitimised if other people post there.

  25. In one comment you claim to have been there a few times, in another you say you just joined, but still know enough to explain the culture around there, which one is it?

  26. Sometimes, when everyone is ringing the alarm bells, it's not a drill. When Hitler did fascism, it was a relatively new thing and we didn't have the precedent to know how bad it could get. People broadly agreed with his ideology back then, at least the parts about hating the Jews, which he basically imported from the US. Now, we have many precedents and I don't think it's an overstatement to say that we are beyond just authoritarianism, at least on the right wing in the US. they are banning books, enforcing group speak in schools, altering history to fit their narrative and world view, and the entire party exists as essentially a branch of our corporate oligarchy far more than the left does. They have out groups and in groups, they're violently oppressive to the outgroups, etc etc.

  27. Generally agree on all things, except people knew how bad it could become with hitler, but enough people just didn’t listen when they were warned. Even after a failed coup many people just didn’t listen, but there absolutely were canaries in the coalmine so to speak.

  28. There is lots of people that like various different kinds of „punk“ only for the aesthetics & it really shows.

  29. Oh don’t worry, with your attitude and childish reasoning your opinions will never influence anyone

  30. as is well know historically being nice to abuser & telling them it’s ok is how you get them to stop abusing.

  31. Heh, gatekeeping is probably not gonna help recruit like-minded individuals to your cause. It honestly comes off that you only want other people who agree with you 100% to live this way, instead of the goal being a net reduction in animal suffering. It’s immature.

  32. i mean vegans probably know best how to get people to go vegan, since it worked on them.

  33. honestly not suprised this whole site is linked to incel ideology. It’s incredibly tragic. I doubt legislation is going to help much, not to say it shouldn’t be legislated against, but this is a cultural issue, those rarely get legislated away.

  34. I have, but for the reason of identifying as binary trans at first & only discovering more about myself later.

  35. /uj this is why we need to gatekeep the term

  36. /uj all I can say to them is, you are a piece of work alight, but I ain’t seeing much progress.

  37. Most people seems to think the eldrazi are more powerful & I agree.

  38. Gonna be that guy. The art is ugly asf. There has yet to be one piece of art that i like from this guy...

  39. these are some great callbacks, this is what gets me excited about a card

  40. [[Ogre Resistor]] has now become Ogre Resistest.

  41. is this what it feels like to get a sequel to your favourite card? it’s great!

  42. /uj they have to have been jerking, right? right??? This might be the one that got me

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