I’ve just got my first hole in one…alone

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  1. I don’t think the nighthawk hanger works without an airstrip

  2. Retire it to the house and bring a putter outside that will behave

  3. Did a sim once. We started looking for a par 3 we could play as kp for the rest of our time

  4. One of my favorite rounds was at Gearheart in OR and paired with 3 ladies in their 60’s. We had a great day!

  5. That is for Saturday and Sunday training. On weekdays I have to drag myself to the office. Have to make enough money to pay the monthly dues and pay for all the clubs that I buy second hand. Nice thing is that school starts from afternoon session from the coming September term.

  6. I wouldn’t bring my baby. Seen too many balls come out of nowhere

  7. I'd like to stay under $200 total. So that could be 1 expensive round and 1 cheap, or 2 in-between

  8. Riverbend in Kent is about 15-20min from the airport. And Washington National is about 30-40 min from the airport. Take a peek at those

  9. Lol. They are saying if you don’t agree with us it is extremely dangerous to our democracy

  10. He/she/they write a goodbye letter to he/she/they parents? What an idiot. And them people filming encouraging need a strong slap

  11. Never seen golf balls in ziplock bags before. Those used balls?

  12. I liked listening to Faldo. Lord help me that sucker goes Saudi lol

  13. Naw he’s retiring. He addressed it a few weeks ago I believe and he said something along the lines of its time to spend more time with his wife and family. Could be misremembering though.

  14. Yes. I remember hearing something similar. He sure wanted to win the par 3 at Augusta this year lol

  15. My dad got a hole in one on Christmas Eve a while back. We were the only ones on the course when we finished and had to beg the bartender to stay and let us have a beer. We were lucky the door was still unlocked lol

  16. Never stand in someone’s line (behind or on other side of hole) while someone is putting. This includes keeping your shadow out of their line.

  17. Shadows are very distracting. Especially if they are moving

  18. Show him how to properly rake a bunker or do it for him. Also show him the safety ropes. Like where to stand when others are hitting tee shots, bunker shots, ect. Celebrate any approach shot that hits the green and any holes putt outside of 3 feet. Have fun!

  19. I walked 9 holes with a buddy and we carried a sack of beer just like that lol

  20. I like mine. It’s styled like a ping answer but has the white insert

  21. I can tell you are unable to feel the difference between an 8 degree bounce and 14 degree bounce. It’s okay.

  22. I’m a 1 handicap, I can tell the difference. Someone looking into game improvement wedges is looking into them for forgiveness on full swings most likely and isn’t concerned with bounce. Regardless, you sound like a “know it all” 15 handicap who just learned about bounce.

  23. They wanna be out first and not wait on other players. But don’t consider the greens keeper’s time or the time spent waiting for mowers.

  24. And on a surface level thinking "I'll just play through the staff and its no biggie" makes sense. So I don't think it is malicious, but it is definitely misinformed.

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