1. They already know about them. They just don't have the resources or will to do anything (so far).

  2. the borough has been corrupt for the past several years

  3. That's a lot of sodium to take in without any fats to cushion your booze. The bloat must have been wild.

  4. Ugh you got no idea. I’ve also got wicked bulimia face right now so I did nooooot help

  5. Love the way the "driver" comically flops straight to the deck.

  6. what a baloney judgement I hope is appealed and overturned. internet archive must be defended

  7. Where are the reparative damages for all of the harm they have caused?

  8. It's like watching someone take up painting with cheap acrylics.

  9. these posts are the best outcome of any online debate in history

  10. As you near the second plateau on the skill curve, the "cha-cha" becomes very important.

  11. Il l’a accepté en guise de respect mais les agents secrets l’ont probablement jeté au poubelles lmao

  12. I would aussi jeter away n'importe quoi Elizabeth May handed me.

  13. normally hate doodies on my feed but that poor cat seems unwell

  14. ask them for smokes and they'll leave you alone

  15. The rental market needs to be put in the hands of competent licensed people, and the equity paid for by tenants belongs to tenants.

  16. spring is the worst season for an endless number of reaaons and it's no coincidence it is suicide season

  17. because it's a condition that predominately affects women (non cluster), so nothing gets done

  18. Canada is twisted. We have oil and natural resources galore. We have 40m citizens in the second largest geographic country in the world. We refuse to have one or two oil refineries, not to export but to self contain and support logistics of our country.

  19. And then it dawned on the Canada subreddit that we are indeed a corrupt-to-the-core two party banana republic up for sale to the highest bidder.

  20. If you're time blind it's sometimes hard without timers to get out before you notice your hands getting pruny.

  21. The last thing disabled students need at concordia is the trouble these guys cause in their bathrooms.

  22. Isn’t the downtown campus already heavily policed? I regularly see security guards at the metro station now (I didn’t see this before). I’ve see them more often everywhere on campus. Part of this I think reflects aspects that are out of our control, and reflect poor social infrastructure from Montreal.

  23. The ID bathrooms are for disabled students and security doesn't do anything anymore about the drug users in the fire escapes and stairwells.

  24. that'd be good cause I send them all these threads and they seem content to ignore them

  25. I once got invited to a deviantart group that was clearly a fetish. Flat fetish. And no not flat chested. I mean FLAT. like cartoons crushed by an anvil or flattened with rolling pins and old laundry roller things.

  26. that's called crushing and it's a more destructive one

  27. this. the bad smells are cheap spray stuff.

  28. Well i have a towel and it depends how much i sweat. If its a lil i just dry myself with the towel but if i did cardio (which im a fattass so i dont do it) i would prolly do a whore shower. 😅

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