1. Walking in the mall when I was 13 taught me that Aerie is basically a Victoria's Secret for teen girls. My parents thought my older sister was constantly shopping for clothes, which she was, but I was also beating my meat to the young models all day every day. This was just downright smart in my opinion, but another idea developed in my puberty-ridden brain and I still don't have an explanation or excuse for this one. I somehow found online galleries of nude beaches where families posed for pictures. Saw plenty of 12-17 year old naked girls that way, as well as saggy mom titties and a few rigs.

  2. I went to Mexico with my family when I was in middle school and lots of European women would go topless on the beach. Myself and my father termed the beach “Hooterville” and it was only saggy ass granny titties.

  3. Hard work beats Talent when Talent doesn’t work Hard

  4. Talent beats hard work when hard work doesn’t have any talent

  5. I don’t get why any of this matters. If you like banging chicks cool, if you like banging dudes cool, if you like banging dudes who use to be chicks cool. Why does anyone care who anyone else bangs and need to put a label on them.

  6. then y if i dont want to bang chicks who used to be male is uncool.

  7. Sure that’s okay too idc. My point is idgaf who anyone bangs except for myself

  8. But WHY is the question, makes no sense, seems like just a meme someone made that somehow got popular

  9. That made me feel there is no hope for people who say that line now and still does not explain or make any sense out of it

  10. I caught her cheating on me with my best friend last week. I didn’t tell her I knew, but I saw a text message on her phone. Those captors can have her.

  11. I can envision it now “And would you look at that Tumbo-Jones win the award for having the longest and girthiest Dick of all time”

  12. I say walk in and see. I’ve always been more of a live action guy

  13. Yes, I am more than happy to steal millions/billions

  14. YP should go reunite with $20 Chef and make a show called Outdoor Grillin’ where YP hunts and Chef prepares the meal. The catch is that the show is not filmed and done somewhere in Siberia.

  15. How would any hunnies get the meals though!?!?!?

  16. Did you have some sort of injury to your legs? Just curious how they are 2 inches long

  17. I had to get them amputated after injury from war.

  18. Same - I’m glad I’m not the only one. I married my wife solely for the fact that her farts smell so heinous that they once had to evacuate her entire apartment building.

  19. Lol the ufo's dont call themselves ufo's, they're ufo because even with lights and shit we cannot identify what they are

  20. No you are wrong, UFOs identify themselves as unidentifiable

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