1. This is where Italian culture really bugs me. Cutting off their nose to spite their face. You have massive issues from a grander footballing POV in Italy - yet the only time it seems like the red tape suddenly disappears or action is quickly taken - is for garbage like this. Moggi is 85 and watching a youth game. Focus this energy on improving the sport instead of petty shit like this. Imagine if they channeled their focus on infrastructure, marketing deals or cleaning up the game in Italy instead.

  2. Imagine if we hadn’t spent everything on Ronaldo? And out the money towards revamping our midfield? Or building a team for Sarri instead of expecting him to play his style with the likes of Sandro, Khedira, Danilo etc

  3. I remember in that summer we were in serious talk with Lazio for SMS and they were asking around 75 (that's 30 milion less than what we payed Real Madrid for Ronaldo or a year salary for Ronaldo) then we received a call from Ronaldo offering himself every thing has changed in the club after that cursed call

  4. yep. definitely the starting point to our eventual demise.

  5. You're going to suffer as the chemistry is out of whack. But depending on what division you're in and how good you are - you may be able to get past it.

  6. De Zerbi would have been a logical move or keeping Sarri and investing in youth and type of players that suited him.

  7. Honestly, at this point - either leave Serie A or continue the chase with the super league. FIGC and Italy are a joke.

  8. Have him partnered with WC Tomori and both have been amazing for me.

  9. Got WC Hero Park. Wasn't expecting much - but thought I'd have some fun lol

  10. Does anyone else not agree the Shinto shrines we’ve seen in the sky May serve as some kind of shrine replacement? Not necessarily a 1:1 replacement - but I could see them being entrances to shrines or something in the mold or a mini puzzle/dungeon

  11. Great advert for Italian football and specifically Serie A going on. Hope it continues in the 2nd half

  12. UEFA: "Quick, PSG broke the FFP. Let's find another Italian or Turkish team in breach and ban them. Also, fine PSG peanuts for the breach."

  13. Do people genuinely hate PSG? I’ve seen a lot of hate but outside of the qatari investment and the oil money jokes, I don’t see what makes that club so dislikable to some. I wasn’t seeing hate for PSG (except from their rivals) in the days of jallet sessegnon nene and chantome. Is the hate directed more to the club or the Qatari themselves?

  14. Given the Zonai themes the game seems to be pushing - it be great to fight dragon enemies.

  15. Soule I think - for not running the ball to the corner flag

  16. I fucking love Chiesa. By far my favorite Juve/Italy player

  17. RIP. Such a great player and more importantly - such a great man.

  18. RIP legend. I feel for his family and close friends

  19. Lmao I noticed that today in Draft. Thought it was an issue on my end - so embarrassing lol

  20. Nice lineup with the kids featuring. Not sure why McKennie is playing though.

  21. Because the other 2 midfielders being Rabiot & Paredes returned to training like 2-3 days ago. Who else are you starting?

  22. History will mark Ronaldo's move to Juve in 2018 as the worst decision ever made by a player ever. Unbelievable how he fell off after being widely deemed as the best player to ever play the game. So damm crazy man.

  23. How so? His time at Juve was pretty successful. The move to United is where it fell apart. He should have stayed at Juve for his last year and then back to Portugal

  24. Am I imagining things, or is Juve's social media posting more Ronaldo stuff?

  25. I don’t see him coming back given his wages and that we’re not in the champions league

  26. Messi is right, why leave right now when you can enjoy playing some matches as world champion. They deserve it

  27. While not as prestigious- it would be great if he can help lead us to the Europa league and maybe a late title push if Napoli slip

  28. Ikr. The spankin the girls will get in prison will certainly straighten them out. Unless youre one of those people who thinks the prison system works and should be full of these people. In that case, please forget we ever chatted.

  29. Give them cancer. Then take it away when they learned something.

  30. Well what are they? I am sure others are curios to know as well.

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