1. Bro. I've bought over 2,000 cars, trucks, and SUVs in the past 5 years.

  2. Most modern SUVs are just bigger cars, they can't do anything out of the ordinary, or what was supposed to be their purpose back in the day.

  3. Buddy? I buy vehicles under 7 years old for credit union lending guidelines.

  4. Black lives matter. Just not to black ppl. Since they kill each other more than anybody else. Obama literally said this lol.

  5. Are husbands killing their wives at the same rate that black ppl killing black ppl? Ooff thats a stretch. Also your source is trustmebro.com

  6. Better ask that former president whose ex-wife got super sudden real bad staircase cancer last month.

  7. You seem to have forgotten you made a factual mistake, Bucko - don't get pissy with me because I pointed it out.

  8. What makes you think people in government are more virtuous then people outside of government.

  9. Looks like a plane that already clipped its wings on a bunch of light poles and stuff on the way in.

  10. So, 250-300ft street lights that are spaced at just the right distance to sever the wings of an incoming 737?

  11. The wings aren't reinforced to withstand crashes with any objects at all. They're designed to provide lift by cutting through air. Impacts with fixed objects is not in the design at all.

  12. Zillow algorithm is heavily weighted towards "Recency" more than anything else.

  13. Covid killed millions, the shot would protect you, Ivermectin was just a horse pill, not reporting Pfizer study showing how bad the shot is, and so many more.

  14. so amy barret, a conservative, who was put on the supreme court by donald trump, is also a communist? i dont have anything to get over, youre just saying oddly false things

  15. It's an Statist Authoritarian Regime - just like typical Communist Parties throughout recent history.

  16. idc what labels people use, if you claim to be a communist and practice authoritarianism, guess what, youre an authoritarian. the nazis had the word socialist in their name, nothing they did resembles socialism. If im obsessed with labels, why do you capitalize media buzzwords?

  17. Explicit concepts are not common nouns; it is proper to capitalize proper nouns in American English.

  18. So what you are saying is: NARA is the organization responsible for keeping documents classified even if the commander in chief declassifies.

  19. Yes. NARA is the only organization allowed by law to keep any and all Presidential records from the White House- no matter if they're classified or not. Ok.

  20. That was the New York Times. And I cant even seem to find the article I was referencing anymore. NY Post and Daily Caller say it was all authenticated though. Who knows…we’ll see what happens, if anything. You get different info no matter where ya go these days.

  21. I would like you to point to where I called you a liar. You shouldn’t have a problem showing that.

  22. This quote should address that interview. I listened to the entire thing.

  23. Lol. No you didn't listen to it. Not enough time physically elapsed. Why lie?

  24. Lol. Stfu. Rudy Fooliani is your laptop guy. Bro. The defeated president's personal attorney. The one with the fake laptop he wouldn't show to the world in 2020.

  25. Here we go. The Libtard mating call “source” then “your source sucks”. Go do your own research. The source is my personal memoirs of these stories playing out in the news and then being retract by multiple channels.

  26. One thing about dog poop - If you can make 5 grand - You can make 100 grand picking up dog poop.

  27. That should be the goal huh a big mac in the hands of every Iraqi child and a TV in every house

  28. Got perma banned from there on a post about southern strategy. Someone asked "is there even one example of a Democrat turning Republican?" My comment was "Strom Thurmond". Insta ban

  29. I guess you believe hunters laptop is a Russian hoax. Don’t you want better than this from your leader’s or are you content the way things are?

  30. So you knew that that was a counter example to your perspective but lied about it before?

  31. No. You have 1 and only 1 example of "Republicans fiscal responsibility" - from literally 30 years ago- when an actual Typical Fiscally Conservative Democrat (like Clinton, Obama, and Biden) was in charge of the Federal Budget. So it's literally not an example of Republicans doing anything besides voting on Clinton's balanced budget.

  32. I saw some old footage the other day with little girls, maybe 13 years old at the time, with a huge collection of beanie babies saying they were gonna sell them in a few years to pay for college. Damn...

  33. That's adorable. 👍 there was actual grown-ass adults who cashed out their 401k to buy Beanie Babies- and who thought they'd retire from their Beanie Baby riches. Which is way more tragic than some kids getting their hopes up.

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