1. It’s so irritating. If you’re broke, why are you on mercari looking for lululemon leggings.

  2. So people can’t change? Cuz she posted nudes before she had to forever? Like what y’all wild

  3. LOL what? Sure thing people can change but the link to her OF was sure as shit in her IG bio right above the naked pictures of her and her little kids LESS THAN A YEAR AGO. I’m not sure what would really redeem someone from that, especially so quickly.

  4. It’s hypocritical & posting her naked children while promoting her own SW is irredeemable. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  5. I blocked her a long time ago, I don’t understand following if you don’t like her tbh

  6. I was in a school that taught comprehensive sex ed. What the after effects of pregnancy were on a woman's body weren't covered so where the hell does Chad think he learned that bullshit?

  7. The lack of postpartum education is sickening. The amount of women who don’t know why you have to wait… it’s a failed system. So sad

  8. I didn't know that women's bellies don't just immediately return to their pre-pregnancy size until Kate Middleton had her first kid and was posing with the baby shortly after birth, while still looking pregnant.

  9. I didn’t know exactly what would happen until after I had my first. I was curious to see😭 it’s just insane

  10. I honestly delete and relist after 5 likes or two weeks, whichever comes first

  11. It definitely happens, I misplace things often despite organizing my selling room like a madman. If this were me as a seller, I’d personally keep the buyer up to date and cancel the purchase after 2 days if I’m not able to locate the item.

  12. I’ve been selling online for 20+ years… as organized as I try to keep things, once in a blue moon, I misplace something… and after a few hours of frantic/aggravated searching, I realize it’s sitting by the ultrasonic cleaner, or still down on my test/repair bench.

  13. Haha I felt the aggravated/frantic searching. I have ADHD and I’d lose my head if it wasn’t attached. Luckily I haven’t had to cancel due to losing an item yet. I just rage search and curse myself out for a a few 😂 20 years though, congrats! OG Ebay seller? Much admiration. I know you guys learned your trade from absolute scratch. That’s awesome

  14. Almost six months. I feel like it’s just so hard and I thought I’d have the hang of it by now.

  15. People like this freak me out. How could someone’s mere existence on a show be pushing an “agenda”

  16. Oh my goodness. I had a pink one with a pom pom nose nearly IDENTICAL to this one as a child. I love this. Beautiful work!!

  17. I modeled it off the North American Bear co pancake series stuffies, but I don't know of any version with a pom-pom nose.

  18. You're welcome! I have never dealt with Ebay. Poshmark, yes, but their fees are so high, and having to share listings ect to get my listing seen is too much for me. I've noticed that when I delete and relist some older listings on Mercari, I get sales on the older listings and the ones I just relisted. I really believe it has to do with the algorithms.

  19. I completely agree. Deleting and relisting has helped some, but never on the actual items I’ve relisted?😂 too much. Like when I sell one thing I sell a few. But when it’s dead, it’s so dead

  20. I know!!!!! It's sooooo odd how it works. I will go a couple of days with nothing..then BAM back to back sales...then nothing. Relist, those items sit, and the older listings sell. Crazy!

  21. Yup!! Exactly same. Hopefully deactivating works, it’ll save me a bit of headache with screenshotting and copy pasting hahaha

  22. When you offer a price, for sure! As a buyer I love when my offers are accepted. As a seller, I always list high to leave room for offers, both sent out and received

  23. OP, if you’re on Facebook there are some awesome BOLO groups for reselling that will be much more helpful. Worthpoint is also great, as well as “google lens” and lensa on eBay.

  24. We can tell by how lazy you were to not take 5 seconds and google it. It's worth next to nothing, just like your work ethic.

  25. It’s just a sign of immaturity tbh. She can’t just say “I understand my video offended you, I understand your POV” She doesn’t even have to apologize. But to defend herself like? Idk. It’s high school behavior

  26. I just experienced something like this 😂 I had a $50 item person offered 15. I said lowest I’ll go is $40. He followed up with “I’m not paying more than 15 since it’s not new but I’ll pay right now” I ignored and he texted me four times afterwards, “20” “20” “20” “20” no thank you! Block!

  27. Hi- neurodivergent here too. I am a parent. It is HARD. The sensory overload is a lot. It is a lot. It’s all a lot. It is exhausting and thankless. But- in spite of it and in spite of this sub that I enjoy for a multitude of reasons, my child is truthfully the best thing that’s ever happened to me. It depends on YOU and your situation. In my particular case I had no choice but to be a stay at home parent. I had to give up my career which for the first year….sucked. No getting around it.

  28. Thanks for a few pro’s aswell, this give me a tiny bit of hope. I mean I deal with myself quite well, made it through most of my life without needing to be diagnosed it happened by accident during Covid. Like you I definitely see the sensory stuff more now, but I keep thinking that, I’ve got a lot of empathy and a different view of the world that I could raise a wonderful little person to respect feelings and boundaries in a way a lot of people don’t see…but then I wonder..if I just want my life to be that..forever…the worry..

  29. I completely understand. Make sure you’re making the decision solely based off of you and your partner, your relationship, your lives and your stability. Don’t let autism make that decision for you. Autism doesn’t determine what kind of parent you’re going to be, I promise. Make sure that it’s the choice you can live with & whatever it is, regardless, WILL be the right choice for you.

  30. I remember this video😭 & her stans hyping it up/ relating like “you’re too real!” “Been there” like??? This isn’t normal

  31. No it’s not. She probably hadn’t bathed for some time. I remember them were like “Well it’s hard when you have little ones “ That’s not an excuse to have proper hygiene for your vaginal area. If you can smell it with your clothes on other people can as well,but I guess being in that jungle no one is smelling her.

  32. If they’d ASKED then I’d be more open. That’s my personal feeling about it

  33. Right haha I felt that too and I was thinking what store in the world can you demand the kind of shipping you want especially without paying an extra fee

  34. Yes, this!! Even on Amazon you can make it a gift for a nice fee of like $5😂 please. The demand alone would warrant a block.

  35. This has been happening to me too. Hopefully the seller has a receipt. No tracking, then all of a sudden it’s out for delivery

  36. I hate when they do this!! I had woody from Toy Story for sale for $20. A lady messaged me and asked if I’d discount it because someone else had it available as a bundle with Jesse for the same price. I was like I mean, I sure can give you $5 off but…..the bundle is probably the better deal???

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