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  1. You're comparing rain to a hurricane. It was a very apt analogy, you're just being mean for no reason.

  2. His armor is aight aliens kinda cool cortana makes me want to put my eyes in my butt. And the story oh no....

  3. Code for we need people for the violent summer months. And then they get fired lol

  4. “Thank you for your service” - you to Brazzers, probably

  5. And probably desperate. "And I gotta eat." I think many people forget how people get here.

  6. These poor sad starving drug dealers with their expensive cars and clothes who party every week

  7. The “community work” that people want cops to do is 90% of civil/social work that should have been done by parents, friends, teachers, neighbors, etc.

  8. As in he is too weak? I feel like he had plenty of potential

  9. Initial reports seem to indicate it’s spreading through bodily transmission - majority of cases in Europe are among gay men

  10. Ok...just hear me out - hypothetically, if he did say something like that, would you agree that maybe he isn't a good guy in this story, and it is more like a mini karen and a mega karen encountered each other in the wild?

  11. If he killed her he’d be a murderer too. Should we put him in hypothetical prison for hypothetical murder?

  12. So if I put on a new stock that can fit people with longer or shorter arms it goes from a hunting rifle to an assault style rifle?

  13. I’m trying to diss out how you are defining “hunting rifle” vs “assault style rifle” as you couldn’t succinctly define it. So far you have stated that adding a stock that can fit multiple people turns a hunting rifle rifle into an assault rifle. What about a convenient fit makes it more assault to you?

  14. These are not school zone violations. They are just plain speeding tickets. Also notifying insurance companies of the violations is also bullshit - the vast majority of these tickets are for guys going 38 in a 25. That's not a violation which needs to be punished past the check you write to the city.

  15. This stuff is so freaken tragic yet gains very little traction.

  16. It’s not newsworthy. No one cares about anything unless it gets them attention

  17. The gay gang bang at United Nations was probably not a good idea in hindsight.

  18. King is a Stan for Luffy? He'll have to get in line behind all the princesses.

  19. Luffy should challenge Kaido to a Davy Back fight so he can take King and X Drake for himself

  20. I would be mortified to be playing anything audible like that on public transportation. I don't understand what possesses anyone to do that.

  21. It’s people who don’t have anything to lose who do it. They’re ok with certain behaviors knowing that if it leads to conflict; they don’t give a shit because nothing will happen to them.

  22. Why NJ and not other NY counties? Hell, why not have State Corrections take it over

  23. It’s just crazy to me that I’m a NYC employee and I’m not going to be able to afford an apartment until i work my way up to max pay in 5 years. They pay me 650 a week right now and 1 bed room apartments are 2000 dollars. Maybe 1800 in the hood which is still crazy. So i get about 2600 dollars a month. I’d have 600 for my self after rent and this is if i get a place with all bills included. Maybe I’m just being young and impatient but I thought getting a city job is supposed to set you up lovely. The only way i can afford to live anywhere in NYC is if i get a second job for Saturday and Sunday and work 7 days a week. Which is crazy

  24. Law’s alliance with Luffy was struck to take down all 4 Emperors. This is phase 1+2. They still have to topple BB and Shanks. No way Law will back out of his deal after what Luffy did to Doflamingo for him.

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