1. Really can’t tell you anything when a cards sleeved and in this case double sleeved other than the centering looks very good. Consider bgs over psa in this case.. slabs look better and never know, may get a black label

  2. Nvm I just did some research. Also the surface looks perfect to me. I didn’t notice a thing wrong with it

  3. What do u think it would get tho? Iv never submitted anything to psa so just curious

  4. Not a 10 i can tell you that but if you want it craned then go ahead

  5. You got the true Pokémon factory experience. The dots were the lines used to cut the cards. U got to look inside!! get it graded!

  6. Do you want to submit it because of the dots? That might be the most spectacular thing about the card

  7. I wanted to get it graded because I saw that at a psa 10 it’s around $100 but the dots the came on the side makes me think it won’t get a 10

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