1. I thought raiders or someone was offering something similar

  2. It says in the article that Raiders were one of the teams making offers but they “hit some bumps” in the negotiation. Whatever that means.

  3. Rams are in tear down mode. They are devoid of young talent after trying to win by trading all your picks and signing free agents (did win 1 Super Bowl so I guess it worked)

  4. Unpopular Opinion: While Kenny's performance has dropped, he's not as bad as this sub makes him out to be and most of the hate comes from his "holdout" which a lot of people here take personally for some reason.

  5. He didn’t even hold out. He just asked for more money. He’s in the wrong system though.

  6. He didn't participate in OTAs when we were installing the new defence, so he did hold out a little bit - even if they aren't compulsory, they're still part of preparing the team for the season.

  7. Yeah, I don’t count missing voluntary workouts as holding out.

  8. I don’t think overpaying for an average lineman is a great rebuttal to that

  9. He has a better QB hit rate than Ngakoue while being a better run defender. I think we got a really good player that hasn’t had a lot of starting time.

  10. weapons grade copium. Sacks are the only stat that matter here and we just went into the negative by signing this guy and letting ngakoue walk

  11. Sacks are like the stat that means the least when talking about if a player is good or not. I’d say more than half of Ngakoue’s sacks came from blown plays, not from him being better than the tackle he was going against.

  12. Is he a good blocker? We have two TEs that are over 6’6” but neither can block to save their lives.

  13. Maybe a GM that hasn’t built a competitive roster in 5 years is a bad GM

  14. It was competitive in 2018 and 2020 (would have been in 2019 had Luck not retired a week before the season. We were competitive in 2021 too until the whole team got COVID.

  15. Richardson may be gone at 3 if someone trades ahead of us. No way he makes it to 10.

  16. I wish it was that warm here in Alaska. It’ll still be a couple months before it gets to that temperature.

  17. Probably waiting to see if he retires first. He has no bonus to be paid out by a certain date, so we can be patient.

  18. A lot of these guys were WR3-WR4s on their original teams, Darius Slayton being the exception

  19. We have a 1 & 2 so a 3rd stringer would make sense to grab lab.

  20. Alec Pierce had 41 receptions for 593 yards. He might be our "2nd best receiver", but in the typical sense he's a WR3 at best as of now. And Pittman is a WR2 on most teams. Don't be a homer.

  21. Pierce had no real quarterback to actually show us what he’s capable of. Pittman is a top 15-20 receiver which means he’s a #1. He’s not an elite #1 but he’s still a 1.

  22. How did the Colts not match this and offer more?

  23. Maybe they didn’t want him back… or he wanted to leave…

  24. He must have wanted to leave. That contract is so acceptable.

  25. Man, he had some offense wrecking games. Not sure I'd bank on him.

  26. You must’ve stopped watching half way through the season.

  27. It’s 2 guys to throw to but that’s a bottom 8 tandem in the nfl lol

  28. Seems like Yannick either gets a sack or doesn't do shit

  29. And half his sacks seemed to come from broken plays where no one blocked him

  30. Every new deal for young good players will be higher than the last. That’s how the league works. If another good kicker signs tomorrow, their deal will be bigger.

  31. We have 3 lbs and 0 kickers. We needed a kicker and not another lb

  32. At this point I don’t even care. Draft one at 3 or 4 and I will support the ever living shit out of them for at least 2 years (will stop if they show no growth). This lead up to the draft blows.

  33. Is he really, or is that a joke?

  34. Hopefully they over paid him so we can get a comp Pick.

  35. Just so not true lol we were a bottom 5 team but we’ll be fine losing our top tackler from last season? 😂

  36. Because we drafted a bigger player that has more upside and is cheaper. Mo Alie Cox is the “best” blocking TE we have but that isn’t saying much. Get rid of him and pick up a vet blocking TE for cheap.

  37. I'm starting to believe this may be the guy Ballard has had his eye on, he was the 2nd most accurate QB in CFB last year, has optimal size, can be a sneaky duel threat, his downside is his age, he is 6 months older than Jalen hurts, but I would take Jalen at his age in a heartbeat

  38. His age and the fact he won’t play until next season.

  39. Maybe another reason why we haven't seen Matt Ryan dropped, have him sit a year behind him, we're not going to be a playoff team in a year anyway, still have a high draft pick next year and possibly pick up Harrison? That may be a dream..

  40. No the reason is we hope he retires so we don’t take on the dead cap hit. He has no incentive to retire though. He’ll be cut the day before he’s due the guaranteed money.

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