1. My triumvirate is Jack Bruce (Cream), Mel Schacher (Grand Funk), and Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads).

  2. Call me an evil person, but somehow I’m not sorry towards the ones who didn’t take the female named hurricanes seriously.

  3. A lot has to do with the overhyping of storm potential from the Weather Channel and government agencies.

  4. tldr; i think people need to learn the difference from a hurricane warning and a hurricane watch. I'm just assuming honestly but i imagine that the "fear mongering" is during the hurricane watches and not the warnings??

  5. They hit where expected. They just fear monger that it will be historically bad. People evacuate, it falls apart and lands as a tropical storm, and idiots pillage your house.

  6. Cobh is good. Cork harbor forts are good.

  7. Buy all the insurance offer so if things go bad you can walk away without addition money spent.

  8. I want to review the literature you are reading. The fact that you think that means i want to be spoon fed says a lot about your ability to engage in critical thought/discussion. Have fun being inbred

  9. I don’t have time for lazy people. Call me what you want.

  10. Its not laziness, I WANT TO REVIEW THE EXACT SAME LITERATURE YOU ARE READING, because it is clear to me that you are either misreading it, lying about ever having read it, or you are using an unreliable source. The fact that you view me wanting to read the same thing as you as "laziness" shows me that my assumptions are likely correct.

  11. No, DEMANDING TO BE SPOONFED is why you are lazy.

  12. If they hate animals. Look at Trump-- never even had so much as a pet his entire life.

  13. Trump had wives, though. I think he thought of them as pets.

  14. Not to nitpick, but isn’t using the word “snake” after “cobra” superfluous?

  15. Cobra sports car, Cobra malt liquor, Cobra Kai, Cobra snake.

  16. I have bit several times by the malt liquor, once almost fatal.

  17. If you can get a ride a bit north, Newgrange is an ancient burial mound older than Stonehenge. Beautiful setting and you can go inside.

  18. Theres a SPAM museum in Austin MN (location of Hormel HQ) and its basically a history of how the US military propogated SPAM across the world.

  19. And they have a Monty Python diorama about the Python skit.

  20. What are some of these small towns you mention? What ones should I look into. I would like to avoid very touristy places.

  21. Tullamore (Bridge House Hotel), Kilbeggan, Macroom (Castle Hotel), Kilkee (Stella Maris), Clonmel (Mulcahy’s Hotel), Roundstone (Roundstone Hotel), Tipperary, Dingle, Slane, or just about any town other than Dublin.

  22. I bought mine because of the ambidextrous controls. Love it!

  23. And Hindus decapitate people for having beef. There's no religion without violence

  24. We write our own music which is very satisfying. Covers are easier on the audience because they know the song, but we like our own better.

  25. Can't go wrong with the classic Fender Precision. This is a perfect bass for every genre and pretty comfortable to play too.

  26. My Epiphone EB-0 SG style bass is a 30.5” short scale so no neck dive.

  27. I’ve lived in Southern California all my life! Where’s the RedLight District?

  28. Edging bricks for sure. Gravel bed, rock bed, driveway expansion, and others depending on the region. It isn’t as well defined as other features

  29. Jack Bruce of Cream and Mel Schacher of Grand Funk Railroad are the two who made me want to play bass. I want to play like Tina Weymouth of the Talking Heads.

  30. President Jefferson was a slave trader (by another name) and is on the twenty dollar bill.

  31. And by “Jefferson” you mean “Jackson”, right?

  32. I would go a year before getting a pedal.

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