1. I’ve cut Eidolon entirely, have 2 Skullcrack and 2 Flame Rift in the main now

  2. Experiment One in Bushwhacker Zoo was always fun, also Atarka’s Command. And boy do I miss casting Tasigur in Grixis Delver…

  3. It's funny to see Tasigur and Kalitas still be ridiculously expensive because of EDH.

  4. I know it doesn't help any modern friends but delver is happily top dog over in legacy! Give it a look, maybe it'll be fun

  5. The only thing Magic players enjoy more than playing Magic is complaining after all

  6. Current TCG builds didnt even run neeflefiber anymore lol

  7. Only Diva builds ran Halq for the option of putting a tuner back in hand as another interrupt, but this line is far less impactful with Maxx C banned

  8. No dedicated support because he thinks he doesn't deserve support! :0 :(

  9. Actually I think Cyno being a lone wolf is reflected in his kits solo field hog play style.

  10. Yeah the alternative is being relegated to some kind of support, which is definitely not lore accurate

  11. Sorry, I haven’t played Duel Links in almost 2 years; 9 months after this ticket guide was created. I wish you the best of luck though

  12. This gave me chills because for a moment I imagined myself in an alternate dimension where these were images that cut away to a battle in-game and that’s something I’ve dreamed of for Pokespe since I was a kid

  13. Lack-two looking clean af but LOOK AT DEWOTT I would pay just to have an acrylic Dewott stand

  14. Radical Red is a popular rom hack of Pokemon Fire Red. It contains all Pokemon up to Generation 8, plus features Mega Evolutions as well.

  15. Omg so cute! But why keep the translation a secret? There’s nothing wrong with what she’s saying and 99% of this sub has read Moto/could probably guess anyway.

  16. Sekiro players know only 3 jokes mist noble hard, monke 2nd phase and isshin the glock saint.

  17. Popular opinion: they should give us an option to recover Dark Iron for those of us idiots who accidentally used it for weapon enhancement :((

  18. When Kazuha was released he mentioned the Traveler’s smell, which causes a lot of fans to speculate they were long lost brothers. In the Golden Apple archipelago event last year, Razor instinctively went straight to the Maguu Kenki, which is from Inazuma. Kazuha’s father did mention Monstandt in this year’s Golden Apple Archipelago event so there is loose evidence for the fan theory.

  19. I see a hack n' slash character, I pull. Simple as that. Even if others say that my mistsplitter keqing is better.

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