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  1. No, it'd look like you were trying to move in to solve your financial problems.

  2. I went on a date with a guy who was proud that he went to the worst-ranked law school in the country, and cannot pass the moral fitness portion of our state's bar. He grew up in a rough area of town, and tried to impress me with the gang violence he saw. He *bragged* about it.

  3. I have seen actual murderers and people who have committed armed robbery and been convicted get through the character and fitness portion of getting licensed.

  4. Girl you already know. It is time for you to sell your half of that house to him or vice versa or sell the house entirely. get yourself represented by a realtor and a lawyer. You are going to be fine.

  5. I delete them as soon as they hit my inbox.

  6. Fuckin for real man. Especially with all the layoffs happening right now. Like every software company I've worked for has wanted me to be so about the "company values" and shit. Oh wow you're innovative, accountable and world changing huh?? And then the product is like another random software that helps people with scheduling or whatever. Corporate world is ridiculous and the only reason I stay in it is because I like having some disposable income (and with inflation that isn't even what it used to be FFS).

  7. You're literally better off finding a new job every 3 years then trying to fight with your employer and getting a meaningful raise every 3 years. They don't even TRY to keep up with inflation.

  8. I always opt out of social media posts and get a box every month - sometimes every other month if I’m picky about which campaigns I want. So it’s more likely your demographics aren’t matching what companies are looking for right now.

  9. I wish we could filter for it like we do with major character death and underage, etc.

  10. The breastfeeding months of motherhood you pretty much have 100% of the baby responsibility. Babies love the boob! They get a lot of comfort and are almost instantly soothed by the boob. So everything else that I say about this. It's with that context that there is absolutely a short-term where you cannot help the inherent sexism of real life. That said:

  11. Check out OP's profile; very recently created and all his/her posts are about dating apps. Lol.

  12. What’s crazy is that if you look at the other posts, they are full of comments from men saying that the reason there aren’t women on there is because they don’t need them, they just meet men in real life.

  13. Bizarre. The problem is that women realized they were the product of the OLD apps, they were being dick-pic'd and mistreated by men of very little worth.

  14. Unfortunately, I have. I have been serious about "I have one foot out the door because I can't live like this" for about 6 months. Obviously I need to shit or get off the pot at this point.

  15. There's no rush. There's a grief involved in a breakup/relationship tension.

  16. These people don't sound like assholes. You sound like a 13 year old that's going through 13 year old stuff, mostly. E.g., I'm in tears because selfies--that's an immaturity thing. Not wanting to have your picture taken is a kid thing. This is normal. Also, I thought my parents were about to divorce my entire adolescence and they'll celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary this year soooo marriage is long and complicated and you really can't get that until you're in it.

  17. Yeah at least in the US, this doesn't make any sense. There's no point in adopting OP at 18, she's legally an adult. "Adult adoptions" are usually ceremonial here, in my state at least you can't legally adopt someone over 18.

  18. Adult adoption effects inheritance and rights to the health insurance plan of the parent. Otherwise IDK.

  19. I am a lawyer. I write for other attorneys, and I am brilliant. And the same shit happens to me "oh it just takes a minute, can you look this up real quick?" etc. etc.

  20. If you're being harassed by some dude, you should get to take pictures of him.

  21. It is a topic I see on Reddit fairly frequently, mostly in dating subs. I don’t necessarily see it as cheating, but I’ve seen porn become a major issue for a lot of women, particularly when the guy is addicted and it interferes with their sex life. There’s a whole subreddit about it..I think it’s love after porn or something like that. Kinda sad that it’s such a prevalent issue, but with such easy access to all kinds of porn, not really surprising.

  22. I think it's kind of sad the weird ED that the men are getting from it. There's subs about that, too.

  23. Geographically? I'm in the US. Do people really think this is a non-issue? It's constantly posted about in

  24. We divide it up into categories, like "Canon compliant" or "au" or "Fannon"

  25. I hear that the USACE is a better place to work than the SSA, but that's just...rumor.

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