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  1. I recently moved from VA to the next state over (because cheaper). THERE ARE DOZENS OF US

  2. Now I wanna go listen to some fucken ICP hahaha

  3. I mean, the jags and bucs have most been irrelevant, so no one really cares about them.

  4. They have both been to a championship game in the last 5 years and the buccs have won a Superbowl lol so kind of hard to say they've been irrelevant and we have

  5. That's a low bar to set for relevancy. Especially with the jags who have only been around since 95. The bucs were irrelevant since 2002, up until Tommy went down there. I mean, they're in the history books for having some of the worst seasons in NFL history. They both have mostly been irrelevant by comparison to the Dolphins.

  6. Not in recent history though. Were you even alive the last time the Dolphins went to the superbowl? Hell we haven't been to an AFC championship game since 1992. We haven't been to the divisional round since 2001. I'd take either of those teams'short success over the perennial mediocrity we have endured. Luckily it looks like it could change this season

  7. Again just cause you feel disrespected doesn't mean you were though mate.. Also quit positioning yourself as a victim.. You are being very disrespectful to other people many other people agree with that. Learn from this be a better person.

  8. Gladly I just hope you learn to at least leave decent people alone when they are just being nice next time..

  9. The Dolphins defense held the Pats to 7 points and the Bills to 17 points.

  10. Our defense, pretty much by design, will not do well in DVOA since it concedes a lot of yards as a general matter.

  11. I bet he plays. If he doesn't, I have faith in Teddy, he's a super underrated QB and easily a top 5 backup in the league.

  12. I mostly agree. I don't think he's super underrated tho because i think most educated people would say he's a top backup. If you're saying he would be a top 10-15 starter, then that's just crazy talk. He's a top 30 QB in the league when healthy imo. He did not look good Sunday but I'm pretty sure that was just him not being physically and mentally prepared/warmed up. I don't think he'll make that mistake again.

  13. for once I agree with him 100%. Bengals fans were absolute fucks last time. I went into the game liking their team and fanbase and came out hating both.

  14. Yes the dude trolling in the Bengals sub is definitely the shining example of our fan base lol

  15. Imagine, my son is missing! Better wait until tomorrow before I do anything about it 🤷‍♂️

  16. Better sleep on it in case I change my mind and don't want him found

  17. Yeah but his resume already, we just beat the team toted as the best this season and the mvp frontrunner and Bill B. I get being cautious but im excited

  18. Oh yeah be excited! It's super exciting to beat contenders! It's the best part of you as a person is how optimistic you are

  19. I'm not seeing where he grabbed anything in that.

  20. This is at the beginning and circled is his junk. I'm not seeing hands on it:

  21. I probably accidentally clicked the wrong video ffs. Let me go find it again

  22. Trade schools are solid options which don't get discussed enough.

  23. This is great advice. I have multiple friends that make great living working in construction, electric companies, truck driving and etc

  24. Boy this is a good one. I'm commenting so I can come back and check the answers

  25. It's okay you can call us Gangsters.

  26. I forgot he was "suspended". Lol. And no, I don't think he has much effect on the team on the field.

  27. I'd be pretty concerned if he was coming back to play though lol

  28. I would be sufficiently entertained watching Stephen Ross try to single-block Von Miller or single-cover Jamar Chase though.

  29. Yahoo sports are cowards and are keeping us from being at 1. They also had the Patriots at 12 to start the year

  30. That's more or less what I remembered...Glad my memory isn't gone yet!

  31. To be fair Ray Lucas started a really rough patch of games that season. If Fiedler stays healthy we probably win the division with 11+ wins

  32. True, but even still we were 9-5 after 14 games and controlled our own destiny to get the one seed home field throughout the playoffs. We then lost to a 3-win Vikings team and blew an 11-point lead to the Pats with like 3 minutes remaining in the game.

  33. That Vikings game was straight bullshit. They won on a field goal from 40 something year old Gary Anderson and it was his only field goal of 45+ yards all season I think

  34. That's Thor's rock friend from the last two movies, asshole.

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