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  1. During the summer in the south if you're not dying from the humidity you're dealing with shit like that.

  2. I'm in the Enclave Federation. It's pretty chill and everyone is polite and active.

  3. Hey, I'm coming on now, just wondering if your still on?

  4. Better terminals, different types of decontamination showers, double sided walls, push up mat, a Mr Handy Collectron, and a microphone where your character can sing and dance.

  5. Ummm. I think you're on the wrong subreddit.

  6. As long as there are cows and wheat fields there will be grilled cheese.

  7. I got my GED at 17. My teachers didn't care if we learned anything because their pay was terrible. Wasn't learning anything even though I tried my best. So I said screw it and left. Looking back I wish I would have gotten homeschooling instead. It's hard wanting to learn when nobody cares. It's hard but the high-school diploma is a big help with better paying jobs. But with that said, I know how teenagers are. Once you get your mind set on something it's almost impossible to change it. I recommend pushing through it to finish but if you have to drop out, get your GED. And I highly recommend finding a trade school. Construction is hard work but it pays better than most jobs you have to get a college degree for. Good luck.

  8. Thank you, I appreciate it. Do you happen to know how early I can drop?

  9. Well like I said, I dropped at 17 but I needed my parents to sign for it. Anything other than that I don't know.

  10. Do you have any recommendations to help someone that practices the occult to come to Christianity?

  11. This is gold. This needs to go viral. I want to see Will Smith's reaction to this.

  12. I feel that both of them are in the wrong. Chris Rock should have consulted them about the joke first. And Will Smith should have waited to confront Chris in private. Chris took it like a champ but Will was very unprofessional about it. Will and Jada had full right to be offended by it even though it was a harmless joke.

  13. Is the whole season up or is it just a few episodes for now?

  14. Wiseman says forgiveness is divine but never pay full price for late pizza.

  15. And that kids, how mermaids are born.

  16. Well if I could actually buy one and have somewhere to charge it I would.

  17. I believe it can happen, but I believe that it has to be an actual language. It should happen once a year and I feel that there should be an interpreter there to claim that it is an actual language instead of gibberish. A lot of churches abuse it got the wrong reasons and I refuse to be apart of a church that misleads people.

  18. They sound more like grunts from halo.

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