1. Gotcha is the main reason shes good. If u push trophies higher than 750 then u need gotcha

  2. Grandma sed to tell me that when I have nothing else i better still have hope

  3. Ay man it's just a vague saying that you can apply to almost anything. It might be silly but it brings me comfort

  4. oh hell nah yuno miles on da kayn subreddit

  5. Op's either brain dead or just plain retarded

  6. For a moment I thought yor forger was a shitty typo but nah

  7. Where did you find this picture its so moldy

  8. Its not even marked nsfw so there was no blur in the first place

  9. Well, fuck me sideways. You got me. You want a kiss on the cheek? Maybe a chocolate cookie?

  10. I can unlock 29 different star powers...

  11. And of these 5 that one of them is hearty recovery.

  12. Probably there's players that even forgot that she's in the game

  13. Speaking of who do you think are the most forgettable brawlers? (Apart from Bibi since you just named her)

  14. Hmmm, i would say Nita and/or Piper, also Bea is very rare to see (she's my second main), at least based on the amount of trophies i have right now, it's been veery long since i saw these three in any match, even though i like playing them, sometimes they get forgotten and surprises me when they appear in a match

  15. Interesting! I myself never see Bo, Nani and Mr P.

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