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  1. If supernatural horror is your thing then Roanoke is definitely the next season you should watch. If you enjoy slashers then 1984. If realistic horror is your thing then Asylum or Cult. The Red Tide part of season 10 might tickle your fancy too as it seems you want more horror and less drama.

  2. Kaia is… not good. I would have agreed with Adina in season one. I thought she was great In Roanoke and loved her in Cult ( I’m Beverly mother-fucking Hope).

  3. I think Adina is great in every season. I’ve never had any interest in watching True Blood but I’m tempted to just to see her performance.

  4. I’ve watched it three or four times and never got the hype. It’s not to say that I hate it but it’s my least liked season aside from Death Valley.

  5. Maybe to desensitize him to the things he’s about to see in real life? That was kind of my takeaway from it.

  6. Just finished Cult and it was pretty damn good. Mostly just the SCUM stuff was a glaring flaw but it was still great with a decent ending.

  7. I would say that’s the only bad part of Cult. It would’ve been much better if Bebe was just acting on her own desires. Also it screwed up continuity with SCUM being responsible for Zodiac killings.

  8. Correspondence, The Bloodworth Saga, The Mold Series, and My Romantic Cabin Getaway might be what you’re looking for if you haven’t read them.

  9. On the Post-Gazette home page, the top 3 stories are about the game. The accident/tragedy is 7th.

  10. I’d say whoever is in charge of that page was told to try to hide the story

  11. Gay people are perfect according to the LGBTQ community

  12. No just the overly sensitive ones. We are far from perfect just like any other group of people.

  13. Only if its a benifit and positive light...thats not how the world works lgbtq community.

  14. It’s so boring, I couldn’t stand to sit and watch a full season of a political debate. I first watched it almost 3 years ago when I wasn’t political at all so I might have a different opinion when I rewatch it, but I’m still dreading it

  15. It was brutal as fuck, I was rewatching it right now, and I only realized now how truly fucked up that scene was.

  16. It’s heartbreaking and terrifying at the same time which is a rare combination.

  17. I say watch the whole thing. Most roanoke fans seem to be of the mind that this season has great rewatch and is especially better binged if you only watched it while it aired. I thought it was an ok season the first time I watched it but it became my favorite after my third time binging it. Aside from that here are a few reasons to watch the whole season:

  18. It will be interesting to see how it works out. I honestly wish they would have left Leslie Grossman out this season. I’m a fan but Ryan seems to have her play the same type of character each year (excluding the first half of 1984) and it’s kind of redundant at this point.

  19. It’s also probably a reference to this Egyptian god as someone mentioned in a post a week or two ago.

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