1. This was my first trendmood box. I can not believe how fast this came!!! My husband already stole the hand sanitizer 😂. I love everything but I’m most excited to try the strivectin and kopari. The strivectin alone retails for $110 so this box was definitely worth it to me. I didn’t know we were getting the Sephora primer?

  2. I didn’t know we were getting the primer either! Such a great box. Seriously in love with her boxes

  3. Congratulations on your sobriety! Your skin looks amazing😊

  4. I'm going to plug the lovely option of donating them to a domestic violence shelter, a homeless shelter or family shelter.

  5. I wish everyone would file an FTC complaint. It’s very simple. They won’t be able to justify [edited to thousands], this is everywhere on the internet about Ipsy and dhl’s infamous relationship of lost packages and bait and switch, etc. the more people that file complaints then they move towards investigations.

  6. Contact them. They just refunded me for mine because if it does arrive it will be after their 15 business days. But it’s doubtful it will show. And of course they don’t have replacements for it.

  7. Have you had any boxy charm/Ipsy DM confusions? It’s so weird!

  8. Second item in the new arrivals section of the shop (not the flash sale) for me. I also have blush marked highly on my quiz since I am running out. Don't know if that makes a difference in the shop.

  9. Ugh yep. My Edit Glow recipe hasn’t updated since the 2nd.

  10. Still waiting on mine. Hoping for the palette! Nice box😊

  11. I bought 2 and was actually wondering the same thing

  12. I’ve never tried it. I’ve seen a lot of people get that brand on this sub so hopefully someone else can chime in.

  13. It smells horrible. I use it only to clean brushes

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