Someone seriously reported me to HR for suspected drug use, saying I must do them in my truck while at work. So HR opened an investigation. This is literally powdered sugar from the fried Oreos my wife and I got at the festival fundraiser last night. I’m just fat…

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  1. You can still snort it, but I find smoking it is better.

  2. You can’t snort it, but I think you can boof it. And obviously smoke it

  3. I’ve snorted crack before, what’s the problem?

  4. Can you do a tutorial video on this process? I learn from watching, not reading, if that makes sense.

  5. The Uber and Deliveroo workers get paid by job, I’d be in a rush too if I wanted to make a living wage.

  6. What country are you from and why are you shouting?!?

  7. I’m not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not but the d lock always goes through the frame and back wheel if it can, use the other lock for the front wheel.

  8. It was a sincere post. Very new to this. Very appreciative of the helpful community, too many responses to say thanks too

  9. Fair enough, one snip of that wire and they’ll have everything but your front wheel, which is easy to replace. Always lock your frame with the d lock and the wire for the wheels. Have fun commuting 😄

  10. Lol if this was me it would 100% be coke and id be fired immediately 😂

  11. My e-bike is for commuting, my other bike is for leisure.

  12. Was you drinking coke? Same thing happened to me once.

  13. I fill a cat bowl with dusted dubia roaches and let her eat until she's done (10 mins or so) about once a week. Once a month, she gets a frozen/thawed mouse. When she was a baby, I fed a lot more often. During fishing season sometimes, I get earthworms and use them in place of dubias.

  14. Mines young, should it be getting fed daily?

  15. When mine was tiny I did daily or every other day. I kind of kept her on a leopard gecko schedule.

  16. When I’ve sprayed alcohol on my cactus, I haven’t noticed negative effects. But I have seen similar scars appear after being treated with oil based treatments like neem or insecticidal soap.

  17. That’s really weird, I suspect you’re right, this started happening the day after I sprayed it, although, I’ve sprayed them before with no issues. Do you think it will heal or have I killed my cactuses?

  18. As long as it’s not a problem with the roots and the spots stay hard, it should be fine. I sprayed my plants with insecticidal soap and didn’t wash it off and my bridges scarred up to hell, scops was the next worse , my pachanois barely had spots. But the new growth was perfectly healthy and some of the spots even went back to green eventually.

  19. I think you’ve nailed it you know, as the roots are fine. For some weird reason spraying the alcohol on it cause it to do this, I’ll keep an eye on it and hoping doesn’t get worse, if it does, I’m back to square one. Thank you for your help.

  20. I have a similar problem but worse, can’t work out what it is.

  21. Was it this small and then got bigger? What is your experience? Can You post photo?

  22. I just added a picture to this group, look at my history. It seems to be getting worse.

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