1. They’re going to have to tear that house down like they did the gacy house. It will constantly be bombarded by visitors and youtubers

  2. We have an apartment here in my town where 5 people got murdered 4 years ago. They rent it like nothing ever happened there. I hope they bulldoze the king rd home and do something positive with the property.

  3. I own one cbd/thc cartridge and I wouldn’t say it gets me “high” but it is relaxing.

  4. CCell vape batteries are reliable and get good reviews. Stay away from ooze batteries they burn up oil quick. Lighters USA has a decent selection online.

  5. Fibers etc transferred from his home to the murder scene would be one thing. Blood evidence in drains etc. Electronic devices, books, letters…..they’ll find more evidence.

  6. This is great question. Compare who was in the home the dates his phone pinged there.

  7. They look great! The ginger spice should cover the taste of the RSO.

  8. thank you! This was my first time baking with RSO. I whipped it into a mix of warm butter/coconut oil before adding, and the cookies turned out surprisingly potent. I wish I could share through reddit 🍪📲

  9. You did it the right way too. RSO is actually best in baked goods too. Tastes the best and comes out good. Distillate is better for candy like gummies.

  10. They’re probably doing additional dna testing on blood evidence left on mattresses. They’ll look for fibers etc too now that they have searched his apartment. They’re looking for more evidence to nail his ass. That’s all.

  11. And they leave him there. Never leave a fallen person behind.

  12. I tried it and it’s too heavy. I use nars foundation. Sheer glow. Because it looks like my own skin but better and it wears all day.

  13. I honestly don’t know. They’re flavored(got them cuz they were cheaper at the time) and I got a Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid

  14. I get up at 430 drink a bottle of water, walk dog while smoking (orange crush today) come back have coffee w/ my CBG tincture and do a dab. By 630 I’m working (I work from home).

  15. They are my top tier fav. I don't fuck with farm Rx and Rythm definitely isn't at prime level.

  16. Rythm concentrates suck. They say they have terpenes on the label but they don’t taste like it. Farm rx tastes like crap too. I don’t buy prime flower though because of the cost and the cans. Something about the canned weed I don’t like. To me it tastes strange.

  17. Start with a tincture first. You will need to start with a very low dose to begin with because you are a new user. Tinctures are easier to use for lower doses. They also sell capsules which might suit your needs. Start low. Increase your dose by 1/2 every 3-4 days. That should help eliminate negative side effects. It also might be helpful to use a cbd:thc product (cbd and CBG will help with anxiety) in the morning and early afternoon. You may even prefer zero thc and just cbd during the day. It depends on the person. I hope you find relief!

  18. I can’t smoke flower from those cans. I understand what you mean. Tastes weird.

  19. Been eyeing up this Dr. Solomon’s THC rich sativa RSO and so glad I decided to grab this and find another great option for Rick Simpson Oil! I’m sure you’ve heard me say before I’ve been on the search for a new option of that old school motor oil RSO and I was super hype when I opened this up and saw all black 😬 With that being sad this RSO did exactly what I wanted it to do which was keep me pain free and high energy all day while keeping my focus on my work. It also allowed me to snack and get food down today right after it kicked in my stomach ache I had was completely gone. Only thing is today I took a boost cap from 1906 way to early and they both literally kicked in at the same time and I was way to high and almost felt like I was spinning. Definitely won’t do that again 🤣 Only thing I don’t like is that it is a plastic syringe and you have to make sure you do not get it to hot. So far the plunger has not got stuck on me (knock on wood) Overall very solid purchase of a RSO from Dr. Solomon’s nd glad to have a RSO from Rythm brands and maybe we will get some strain specific ones in the future.

  20. This is what RSO should look like. I think they should put it in jars like they do other concentrates.

  21. Shitt even before the Mylar there were some fire strains. Citrus City OG was amazing

  22. Mac n cheese, dragon fly, gator breath, limeade Kush the list goes on. All great products. Strane is pretty consistent imo. Insa is too from what I see.

  23. Hmm interesting all I buy is Strane and Insa and haven’t come across a bad batch in a long time. I even press a lot of Strane flower into rosin and it comes out amazing

  24. Strane does not disappoint. Golden Pineapple as I type lol good stuff

  25. This must totally suck. I’d be pissed. What did they do wrong to the cards?

  26. I think he’ll be eager to plead out once he sees how royally he screwed up but the prosecutor will take it to trial and he’ll get the death penalty. I also think they’ll tie him to the scene through fibers from his apartment, car, etc. He’s a narcissistic bastard and I hope they nail him.

  27. My mom died of ovarian cancer. I’ll take that vaccine. Fuck cancer.

  28. Ovarian cancer is the worst because it sneaks up on people really quickly. I am so sorry that happened to you.

  29. Thank you. I’m getting a hysterectomy after menopause. Always go for mammograms and colonoscopys!

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