1. Dispute the charge. You’ll get your money back. They are in violation of their policy.

  2. Definitely get Dr Solomons. Topicals work great for arthritis pain. Look into some capsules or tincture too. 1:1 cbd/thc ratio would be a good starting point. There are others that have less thc too. You will get excellent relief from medical marijuana. It put my RA into remission and manages my other orthopedic issues too.

  3. You’re welcome! I hope you find something that works for you!

  4. Oh that’s good to know! Because they sent me an email telling me to sign up for the Tarte box. That would be pretty shitty of them to charge me for Sept and Oct.

  5. They will charge you twice if you sign up before the first. It’s what they do.

  6. If you join today you’ll be billed for a September box then they’ll bill you again on the 1st for October. Tarte has many of these items on sale now. It’s safer to just buy from the source.

  7. Score one for the people!! I’m glad they refunded you!

  8. He was definitely involved but he didn’t do it alone. People from his mosque helped him. He never tried to page her. He denies memory of any events that afternoon (bullshit, he was told to say he couldn’t remember)

  9. I’m sorry that boxycharm did this to you. They are truly a bunch of rat bastards.

  10. They just did this to my friend too. I feel bad for everyone. Shame on you boxycharm.

  11. Im glad someone is with me! know there’s fine print if you go to the site they list but I don’t believe they can legally hide behind that when it says the words “for sure” get this palette. I am SO mad. I’ve never subbed to boxy luxe and only did for that palette because of that email and I feel so lied to

  12. This is great! We need more!! A billboard on the highways to warn people!! Earth Harbor has really great products just don’t buy them from boxycharm!

  13. He never tried to page her after he found out she was missing

  14. Oh ya I know it. I know my tolerance has gone up slightly but it’s no where near where some of the ppl I hear about. I’m not flexing and idc that I only need a little. It makes me happy to be a lightweight.

  15. I’m probably a light weight too lol I use about a 1/8-1/4 a week of flower ( it depends) if my RA acts up I take a lot of RSO but I wean myself down when it’s not. Cartridges last me forever.

  16. if I smoked an 1/8 in a week I would probably solve all philosophical issues and know about every star and exoplanet in the known universe.

  17. I feel her pain and am sorry she experienced this too. I think if everyone who has had multiple mistakes happen canceled their account for one month per each mess up they’ve had, BC would be the ones to really feel the pain. But it won’t happen. I get that things happen once in awhile, but it seems they are becoming more consistent with errors and less consistent with making their customers happy!

  18. I’ve been unsubscribed two months now, thankfully too.

  19. It’s my day off so why not get a little crazy. Stay blessed and stay medicated.

  20. Verano is not agrikind not to come off rude. Verano is a separate grow all over the US who bought AKs grow here and PA and will be taking over with a new line this fall. Much better product and genetics then AK. AK will disappear this fall

  21. Your theory makes more sense than anything else I’ve read.

  22. I'm not sure if it was ever 'In Stock'. But I did manage to get the gold Pat McGrath single.!

  23. Pat McGrath has several of the single ones on her site for $12.50 :)

  24. Sketchy AF because of people not getting it after it being promised to them in their box Shame on boxycharm!!!

  25. I'd also complain on the ND social media accounts... Boxy used her name to sell the lux box and likely Boxy would be much more expedient in responses if ND is on their ass for the bad press

  26. And handles it well as he is used to pulling out tiny things...

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