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  1. I constantly listen to the Attack On Titan OST. What an absolute masterpiece.

  2. It has nothing to do with your internet, it's someone else's... Well, it can be yours too, but unless it happens very frequently, it's probably not.

  3. Yeah I was only getting one mushroom in both slots, it doesn’t happen super often but occasionally it does happen.

  4. It would be a headache but doable for the players. But I doubt they'll ever let us do it. Just like we can't have multiple special careers. I don't see why not. I mean, lots of athletes release music albums or own businesses, lots of singers also act in movies.

  5. It's probably just too difficult for Candywriter to do the coding. But it would be awesome if we could have dual careers. A mobster who runs a jewelry store. Lol

  6. Use it when you have cancer or deadly diseases.

  7. If you think about it the anime gf has a pair of milk bags

  8. They will release the next wave within the next two or three months, so probably we will have the trailer before that yea

  9. I have a feeling they’ll end up releasing it towards the beginning of December, perhaps somewhere around the 10th? I don’t know just a guess.

  10. I’m excited! I noticed that the chain chomps don’t drag around item boxes anymore. Not a huge deal at the end of the day. But it would be nice if that was still a thing. We’re still a couple months away so who knows.

  11. I have a feeling they’ll release the full trailer with all of the tracks within the next two or three months

  12. Already answered, but the collective answer is:

  13. I mainly want to learn to watch anime tbh but if it makes it easier to play Fire Emblem, that’s one more reason to learn.

  14. They'll probably add the extra details (I.e flowers) in closer to release. They only teased 2 races, so they might not even be ready for the other 6 yet

  15. True, I have a feeling that the only reason we even got a trailer was because direct was coming up and Nintendo figured why not show our progress so far?

  16. I like how he ages decades per frame

  17. That’s pretty relatable considering how long they typically make you wait.

  18. You really think someone would do that? Just go the internet and tell lies?

  19. Nah, the internet never lies. It is all truth and nothing bad ever comes of it /s

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