1. Even after years of studying I still have a bizarre brain block for 언어 and 연어. Why yes I do enjoy studying foreign salmon

  2. I swear I'm HdP's number one hypewoman on this sub, I never shut up about their fragrances. Such quality classic French perfumery, yes to more decants!

  3. Found this one at my local tester store recently and fell head over heels for it. Not sure I (mid-twenties femme lady) could pull it off but it smells like pure Henny to me. Obsessed

  4. Histoire d'Parfums 1969 is right up your alley! Warm peach with a cardamom-spiced chocolate middle and a hint of coffee. Devastatingly sexy

  5. Hey my suggestion is to practice the basic things such as going over your work history and introducing yourself.

  6. The bottle in the teaser thing reminds me of TF’s Fucking Fabulous😭

  7. My exact thought as well ... I love TF to death but FF is not it for me ... let's hope for Tuscan Leather or Tobacco Vanille instead lol

  8. I got this post as a notification and it cracked me up 💀

  9. Fascinating! Her shorts were constantly all over my YouTube feed and while they were aesthetically nice, her cooking didn't seem anything revolutionary. Not surprised she's fallen on hard times with the restaurant, there are so many new restaurants opening and closing in Seoul. Unless you're got genuinely good food the turnover rates for restaurants here is crazy

  10. i once thought i was stable enough to have a threesome.. my gf commented on how she was glad”im not skinny like the other girl” lets j say that was the last of that

  11. Godddd that's one of my biggest reasons against having a threesome ... like I'd spend every second comparing myself to the other girl no way in hell I'm putting myself through that

  12. Moving to Korea absolutely skyrocketed my problems - I went from having vaguely disordered eating habits to full-blown ED. It's terrifying how commonplace horrible eating habits and EDs are here.

  13. Seconded, I tried to reuse it more than once and it molded :/ the eggs are sublime, though

  14. I know people who have been on the show - it ( like all Korean “reality” TV ) is basically scripted, so you don’t have to worry about that happening.

  15. Any foreigner who lives in this country is at most two degrees of separation from someone who went on this show, I swear. Can't avoid it

  16. Website for space rentals, it's got everything from study/music practice room bookings to dance studios or private filming studios. There's hundreds of options there

  17. Pretty much any vegetable is fantastic tossed in an air fryer with spices and oil, I'm partial to broccoli and charred tomatoes for spreads/pasta sauces. Recently starting slicing apples and dusting them with cinnamon/pumpkin pie spice then baking them in my air fryer.

  18. I love who 는대 sounds, finally something easy to pronounce!

  19. Similarly - the feeling of my skin touching itself when I'm trying to fall sleep freaks me out

  20. I would totally go for the asian bakery and get like every type of bun, too bad there isn't one in my area :(

  21. Chinese bakeries are so dangerous, I end up buying one of every item :/ I can't even walk down the streets they're on lol

  22. I just want to smell like a hot promiscuous whore but like elegant at the same time you know what I mean? All about balance.

  23. I'm hugely partial to 1969, a spicy peachy cardamom number that melts down into this divine chocolate skin scent. Second favorite is 1889 Moulin Rouge - looking at the notes I was prepared to be unimpressed, but it's the most sublime plum iris. Smells exactly like what I imagine an old-school burlesque dancer would wear.

  24. Rapper SLEEQ and actress Lim Soojung are probably the most well-known vegan celebrities.

  25. OMG so happy seeing someone mention sleeq, crazy talented and one of the only openly lesbian artists here. love her

  26. That’s really hard for me to imagine, my family is Indian Hindu and I grew up veg in California since childhood, but there are so many veg restaurants available both Indian and non Indian (and most restaurants in general have veg options, even salads at steakhouses although they’re pretty awful) along with lots of veg groceries. It makes me grateful I have the choice because like you said many people in other cultures don’t. But being vegan would be hard even for me socially because most restaurants here still don’t have vegan options.

  27. That's understandable! Korea is deeply homogenous so, while there's been a handful of vegan restaurants and bakeries opening up in recent years, the vast majority of people aren't looking for strictly veg options. There's just no demand here.

  28. Betty crocker cookbook has a easy one pan recipe and you add a bit of hot water if it doesn't emulsify correctly and can just start again

  29. Betty Crocker's cookbook has some of the most fantastic staple recipes, I just about swear by everything in there

  30. Thank you so much for this thoughtful reply! I appreciate your perspective! I've heard some similar things about the frequency of treatments and I am quite envious of the ease of access due to low cost! I am eager to try skin botox as well, my dermatologist offers this actually, but at a high price.

  31. Not OP but also live in SK - specifically Gangnam, aka plastic surgery capital of the world. Everything the previous poster said is dead on - I regularly talk to my female coworkers about beauty/skincare related things and the vast majority of us are going to clinics once a month minimum - I'm taking a break recently but it's common to do weekly/biweekly treatments. Personally I've had plenty of regular facials and peels, LDM treatments, UV therapy, laser, botox, and I got a free small dose of Rejuran once - one of the skin rejuvenation injections. In general there's just an incredibly strong emphasis on appearance, especially in this neighborhood

  32. Also a fragrance collector! Some of my favorite idols' tastes in fragrance are ... questionable haha

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