1. it's the pelvic thruuuust That really drives you insa-a-aneee

  2. I loved it but as a star wars fan. 2/10. do better, no love here am a star wars fan.

  3. Did you love it or not? You kinda contradicted yourself.

  4. My husband loves him and I always liked him! I was a prequel kid and didn't know people hated him until I got older.

  5. Yep! Planning on a rewatch now that I know where it's going.

  6. The first edition books hold some of my best memories! I'll never forget getting my wristband weeks before release and then standing in line for hours waiting for 12am to hit so I could get my book, run home, and read until I got through the whole thing. Good times ☺️

  7. If you make more, please post them! Also, do you mind telling me the fabric and thread count you used? It's very clean and tidy looking.

  8. Thank you so much! I'll definitely be posting more of these, I'm in love! The thread was all DMC, I use 1 thread folded in half so i dont have to knot it. And I think the fabric is a 14 count (although I bulk bought a while ago so I may be wrong...)

  9. I'm *really* hoping this was written while extremely drunk, and not by a 10 year old like the handwriting would suggest

  10. Random but I like that enclosed knick knack shelf. You don't happen to remember where you got it, do you?

  11. You mean the black one with all the little stuff? I think that was from Michaels

  12. Ah yes, the anti-interlocking vintage puzzles!

  13. Azkaban, hands down for me. I've read all the books twice except for that one I've read 5-6 times. I love the Maurauders and thier history, I would love a show about them and the first Order!

  14. I'm a local Passholder that's at the parks all the time and I Love these pics. I've always loved film over digital and It's such a breath of fresh air to see shots like this instead of the millions of digital ones. My wife and I are bringing my nieces (13&10) to MK and Epcot this Monday. You've inspired me to grab 4 disposable film cameras ( I know the results wont be as nice) so they can learn about how we used to take pictures. Great Shots!

  15. I saw a little girl with a disposable camera at Disney and I thought it was really cool!

  16. Yeah that all really sucks. When it rains it pours but it won't keep being that bad. Gotta push through it.

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