1. Choke.. mustering the courage up to request it during is weird (preface I fuck old men; my last 2 partners were born in 1964 and I was born in 1992)

  2. Not yet. I wonder if it is an accident or someone made this happen lol.

  3. A cowboy after my heart, bank and sank it. I spent a momo amount of money on horseys.

  4. Did you ever think you’d make it this far? Also how did you learn the confidence to speak with so much conviction? I forgot on some episodes of your monologues I was watching a drama tv show and not a rerun of some judge show…. I was also kinda high at the time I did get a moon bar (

  5. Sippin like a fucking snake oil scoundrel. Swallow bitch, just like your baby daddies lyrics say.

  6. Jesus H does sniffing your own vaginal candle wax age the fuck outta ya. That picture makes her look like she’s pleading for the safe return of her youth.

  7. I mean devils advocate plus I just found out what chatgpt is “The term "woke" has several meanings, but it generally refers to being aware of and actively engaged in social and political issues, especially those related to social justice and inequality. It is often used in the context of issues related to race, gender, sexual orientation, and other forms of identity and marginalization. The term originated in African American Vernacular English (AAVE) and has since been popularized in mainstream culture. Some people use the term "woke" in a positive sense to describe those who are informed and engaged in social justice issues, while others use it more pejoratively to criticize those who they perceive as being overly politically correct or overly focused on social justice issues.”

  8. I get it’s is a total pwnage cod 2009 style tea bag ahahahaha gfy. But like is everyone politically personally and mentally ready to take the L and learn from mistakes that have been made yet defending something you’re know and everyone else knows you’re wrong about seems fucking insane.

  9. The ole lady just grooving without a care is my new mental image when shit just isn’t working out for me. Just keep rocking typeheaux

  10. Because you weren’t meant to. The slow evolution to the tit hold. Maybe it is and anxiety move and she doesn’t harp about it like kandel.

  11. On close course and doubt the MPH . Yes he’s done this for 18 seasons the double decker

  12. What’s with her no makeup makeup look lately. Not to be a harpy but like why are kar klan trying trying so hard to bring back the late 90s early 20s. I just perfected this makeup shit…. That’s a lie I perfected contour for my 30 year old face I could probably still vibe no makeup like I did since covid.

  13. Just for all the “haha right…” Martha Washington served as the nation's first first lady and spent about half of the Revolutionary War at the front. She helped manage and run her husbands' estates. She raised her children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews; and for almost 40 years she was George Washington's "worthy partner". TIL2 I’m Canadian and 30 and watched maybe 4 episodes of jeopardy.

  14. Also the Tony Hawk American wastelands and the other one with New Orleans and that like 99.9% for the music. I was like 8-9 and that make me interested in the shit my parents also constantly played and made me respect it a bit more in a 8 year old light switch mind way when they played it after I heard it in the game.

  15. Like I know there are greats but the M.C. Kids on the old Nintendo to this day my brain just automatically goes to when I hear this question. Probably shite don’t even remember the overall but it was my first. Knock off mario but even now just looking up a gameplay on YouTube the music is ear pleasant.

  16. One of my dad’s neighbours in the 80s lost his hand in a work accident and ended up finding one of these around Halloween. For 10 plus years till the dog died he would give it to the dog and go on his runs and use it as inspiration till he found someone else on his running path to let him off leash and let the havoc ensue. He actually did lose something like 30 pounds the first 2 years. It’s never got old.

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