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  1. I mean, back in the good old days they didn’t have to sell skin bullshit at all to make money, they just sold the game.

  2. Why wouldn’t a company make more money if they can (selling skins and battle passes)

  3. How dare someone use something they enjoy and are good with?

  4. I'm not saying they shouldnt use it, I'm saying they're handicapping yourself by using the bow, when there are much better alternatives.

  5. At the end of the day, games are about having fun. If someone enjoys using the bow and does wel with it, who cares? Not everyone cares about the “meta” or finding the most optimal setup. Just have fun

  6. Didn’t realize so many people disliked Demolition. The one life makes the rounds and fights feel much more impactful than a respawn mode

  7. Ehh it requires a team honestly. With randoms it's just more random shit and luck. Sometimes it's not even anyone's fault: people die to bullshit by shit people because certain rogues make the game mode cheese.......like yeah it's one life but how does it feel to just get umbra's spider, dima, or switchblade, kestrel's drone, getting flanked by Lancer, glimpse making distractions.......

  8. I guess, I love it thought because the wins actually feel impactful. Unlike strikeout and TDM which are respawn modes, personally those wins don’t feel as good to me

  9. Do you know if his passive works on any gun or just the minigun?

  10. Thank you! Definitely will try him out. Just worry about his size/hitbox but hopefully his toughness and perks balance that out

  11. [bug] Possible glitch, me and my friend were playing as Sigrid and Chaac and we killed an enemy Mack and was able to pick up his armor. Only blue armor at 25 hit points but still, is that a new feature?

  12. Tesla, cannon, mini pekka, hunter, goblin cage, skarmy, tornado, tomb stone are perfect counters off the top of my head.

  13. I’ve tried Hunter but the Hog usually always gets 2 hits in

  14. Your placement or reflexes is godawful if hog is getting 2 hits against a hunter.

  15. Some men just can't handle the touch of a woman.

  16. “It was me Barry, I jerked you off at super speed so it’d seem like you nutted at just a woman’s touch”

  17. For me it’s Dima, every Dima I play with never knows what they are doing and is always last on the team

  18. Apparently, you need to wait a few seconds after pulling the hacking device out, otherwise it doesn't hack stuff.

  19. Huh, has it always been this way? I just bought him recently

  20. No, since the patch on Tuesday they fucked him up.

  21. The commando Foregrip is very bad on the MW MP5 btw

  22. I WAS GUTTED WHEN I MISSED THAT FIRST SHOT. But thank goodness for his reliance on heart beat monitors.

  23. Ya'll need to start looking at EDC for putting these shit players on this team

  24. Thought he was one of the best GMs in the league

  25. He paid an injury prone RT a shit ton of money, he paid a Corner a shot ton of money that cant cover, he signed Earl Thomas, he called Chuck Clark a leader of this defense, he didnt address the oline needs....should I go on?

  26. I just hear all over about him being a top 5-10 GM, not saying agree or disagree bud

  27. To play Devils advocate, It’s proven that interior pass rush helps an edge rusher more than another elite edge rusher. It prevents the QB from stepping up in the pocket and avoiding the sack. Myles has never had any good interior pass rush while TJ has had the benefit of Heyward his whole career. Shows how much landing spot goes into it. Context matters, can’t just use stats alone, but many people do

  28. Trying to sue this game because of the similar name

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