1. They already get absurd goodie bags with 20K watches and Armani suits, so I think players would probably just as soon take the cash.

  2. The NCAA limit for Bowl Game gifts is $550 per player. Not enough to move the needle for anyone wanting to opt out.

  3. Is Shedeur even a student at CU yet? He was playing at Jackson State 24 hours ago, so I don't think so.

  4. I imagine there is some type of loophole for the coaches son. Everyone knew he was going with him to Colorado.

  5. Some of y'all need to go to bed...

  6. ND doesn't have a conference championship game, so they can only go 16-0.

  7. I don't know why I read this and thought Clemson was wearing white jerseys with "#OrangeBitches" on the back.

  8. Tulane in over Washington

  9. New York Times acquired The Athletic earlier this year.

  10. Nothing like sitting on a bottle of Cook's for 8 years!

  11. Exactly, if we can’t put him out to stud we might as well just put him down after the World Cup.

  12. Send him to the glue factory!

  13. I'd be curious to see how much better the 2022 offense could be if AD Mitchell stayed healthy. I think that factor could make the game closer, but I would still go with 2021.

  14. Doesn’t he have potential legal issues in the US?

  15. The case was dismissed this summer.

  16. Does a skin have any added benefit other than a different appearance? If not, seems insane.

  17. No chance it happens. No team is taking a game 6 days out when the logistics aren't even started to be discussed.

  18. I hope it happens for them.

  19. Ash Walkers [WCFW] is a good fit. I joined them a few weeks back and no requirement to join their discord.

  20. Remember. Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies

  21. Can we start the coaching carousel megathreads?

  22. Both. He was quoting Nubyjas Wilborn, but OP left that part out of the title to make it seem like Finebaum said it.

  23. If you started 2 days ago you should be focusing on campaign. Just do Arena when you can free refresh for an easy win.

  24. I've already cleared the entire campaign through Brutal difficulty. If you're telling me that I should be okay with being locked out of Arena for a year or more just because I'm new, I don't think that's a good answer or good design for a game trying to attract and retain new players.

  25. You started 2 days ago and have beat Campaign on brutal?

  26. It’s more so, do these teams put themselves at a disadvantage by scheduling 11 P5 games in the regular season, or do they just not schedule marquee OOC games

  27. I hope we schedule marquee games. That's what makes CFB great. Nobody is excited about Georgia v Alcorn State.

  28. Ole Miss flat out refuses to play Southern Miss for some reason and hasn't since 84. When the Liberty Bowl still had a CUSA tie in there was talk that Ole Miss would turn down an invite if Southern was in it.

  29. While that seems crazy, I can also appreciate the pettiness of college football.

  30. Hey, grandpa! How's it going?

  31. I’m so dumb I read the article to see the difference between one division and no divisions

  32. Give SEC fans a couple days and we will come up with a few reasons why this just makes the SEC an even better conference than everyone else.

  33. Yes, well, but you see, other conferences have multiple divisions. Some have no divisions. WE are the first conference to have 1 division.

  34. SEC. It just means more.

  35. If one of your two losses is to Nick Saban? I would assume yes

  36. Would you (and other Alabama fans) be good with Kiffin being the guy to replace Saban? I feel like he doesn't prioritize recruiting enough to be successful there, but I could be wrong.

  37. I don’t think he would be my first choice, but if Dabo isn’t gonna come home, and Kirby definitely isn’t gonna leave UGA to replace Saban, then the two best choices would be Lane or Sark. We won’t be able to outbid Texas for anybody, and if they’re not willing to get in a bidding war for Sark, then that’s probably telling that he’s not the best option.

  38. If I were an Alabama fan and my options were Kiffin, Dabo, and Sark (I agree Kirby isn't an option), then Kiffin would be at the top of my list.

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