1. It’s a coin flip, they both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you like looking out the window constantly like I do 2a is good because the engine is further back so you get more of a view but it’s more active being close to the galley but for me 6a has a huge amount of my view taken up by that massive engine but it is less active there. If you don’t give two hoots about a view and want quiet 6a is your seat! It also depends on which version of the 400 you are on. One has the lavatories near the front, one doesn’t, that will make a huge difference in the amount of traffic coming by your seat if you are in 2a. 6a won’t make much of a difference either way.

  2. Murdoch is back in bed with him now though! What a difference two years makes! That shit show on Hannity the other night for the entire hour was proof donald runs that network! So tell me again how donald is not in complete control of the entire republican party.

  3. If I had a nickel for every time I have seen some headline along the lines of “Christie shits on donald”!

  4. Please keep this in mind! Since there has not been a single republican condemn her recent speech it can only be assumed that everything she says on her congressional account is the official platform of the entire republican party. Correct me if I am wrong but I have not heard a single peep out of any of them! I assume she and donald run the entire party at this point!

  5. He’ll 5th it all then gladly vote for the motherfucker again! Just watch!

  6. Someone let bless her heart know that he caved, they put the second coming off now until later in the summer!

  7. Absolutely sickening that 39% bought into this stinking con man’s bullshit enough to still wan’t him in there! The fringe nut-jobs should always be kept at about 12 to 20% at the absolute maximum in a society otherwise you have problems, which, if anyone is paying attention, we do! All thanks to one man, Rupert Murdoch!

  8. I’d take that one too if you can sleep on a plane and plan to do so. Not a bad choice considering what is left. Unless you frequently get up keep this one. Sometimes I like an aisle on an overnight flight just because I am restless and don’t ever really sleep so I like the option of getting up whenever I please. I feel like those empty middle seats might just fill up so don’t plan on them staying empty otherwise an aisle seat there would be a great choice.

  9. Yeah I mean I can totally see a scenario where there is some delayed or cancelled other flight and this flight absorbs passengers. It is ATL after all. That would be just my luck. Technically 35A is preferred but for the life of me idk why! I’m not a great sleeper especially in economy but leaning against a window sometimes helps. 🤷‍♀️

  10. Hopefully it’s one of those half empty flights and you can move around at will! 😉

  11. Not to mention their precious Caitlyn Jenner! How many times have they paraded her ass out on Fox?!

  12. Dude, they could get rid of him in a second. Just gin up some accusations and have leadership stick with it.

  13. This was supposed to be the plan shortly after he took office but neither Moscow Mitch or stinking Paul Ryan had the courage to go through with it! You didn’t have to gin up shit either, there was enough to impeach and remove him from office within the first week! He started criming as soon as he stuck his foot in the door! Better yet they had two fucking opportunities with which to fix it so he would never be able to hold office again and they, for whatever reason, chose not to use them. So for those who disagree let’s go over again how he “isn’t” in control of the entire republican party!

  14. I would like to lie and say I am shocked he did this.

  15. Excellent point but in addition to this please keep in mind that he is the leader of the entire republican party, whether they admit it or not! He controls them all!

  16. Y, because they crazy, that’s y!

  17. Sounds like one of donald’s old scams right before he declared bankruptcy, when the loan he begged for didn’t get approved!

  18. And just remember folks when reading these headlines, he is the leader of the entire republican party, whether they admit it or not! He controls them all!

  19. https://giphy.com/gifs/Qug08VvTVOT2Paccio

  20. Sounds like one of donald’s old scams right before declaring bankruptcy! After the bank denied the loan!

  21. allowing hate speech to proliferate american media since the 80s has caused all of this.

  22. I have always sort of thought freedom of speech would be what eventually destroys the US so yea, that’s spot on!

  23. Because somewhere along the line we forgot that freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequence. There were letters and discussions between the founding fathers about free speech and how it was supposed to be maintained and even policed by the individual. Hell, all these free speech absolutists really seem to forget that the founding fathers tarred and feathered and beat people for speaking in support of the crown around the revolution. Kinda weird, the guys who wrote the constitution were willing to punish people for their speech.

  24. Exactly! Now it’s just what gets the most clicks! 😒

  25. Sounds like one of donald’s old scams, right before he filed for bankruptcy when the loan didn’t go through!

  26. DeSanctiPuddin! If you’re nasty!

  27. Poor little DeSanctiPuddin’! That face he pulls when asked tells it all! Complete con!

  28. Is Stephen Miller moonlighting? Donald is NOT going to be happy!

  29. This man is an exact representation of the entire republican party! It is all one big con!

  30. What I read was “But I am Elon, you will worship me!”

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