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  1. Not to be a dick, but couldn't the person in the wheelchair just park themselves at the end of the bench?

  2. Brings a bad look to actual activism. Makes usnout to be the bad guys even when not tied to these Fucks and their childish actions. Makes people disregard the message by being frustrated and angry by those who do these ridiculous things in the name of activism.

  3. There's a rumour going around that these guys are hired by oil companies to make anti-oil activists look bad. Idk tho

  4. Who the f*** fantasies about killing people? There’s a lot of serious mentally ill people out there. It’s baffling how many of these fantasy stories hits this sub. I don’t even laugh at this shit anymore. This is a problem.

  5. I think fantasizing is okay, as long as you don't act on it. I fantasize about killing my boss all the time. Would I ever actually do it? Fuck no

  6. It was a special feature on the batman year one DVD, so technically he's not wrong

  7. Super dry, but I like to dip them in milk and that makes them almost tolerable

  8. I'm not sure. I'm still pretty new to all this so I don't really know a lot about it yet. Here's a link to the kit I bought

  9. You don't know what communism is do you? You just know that The Big Man said they were bad, right?

  10. Watching Elon Musk crash and burn has been the highlight of my week so far

  11. I feel like some of the Brabus cars are cool though, Mansory makes everything look like shit

  12. "zinc batteries of the early 1950s were typically non-sealed and thus would not build up pressure and explode when exposed to fire"

  13. "Short-term Exposure: Zinc oxide fume causes a flu- like illness called metal fume fever. Symptoms of metal fume fever include headache, fever, chills, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, weakness, and tiredness. The symptoms usually start several hours after exposure. The attack may last 6 to 24 hours."

  14. Continue from the same night in 2018. Laurie said that with every kill he turns into something impossible to defeat. Why would he go into hiding after murdering like 30 people and arguably being at the strongest he's ever been?

  15. What app are you using? In RiF Reddit is Fun there's a pair of quotation marks above your textbox that copies the previous message.

  16. All furries are 100% cringe bro wtf you on about? Christ

  17. A lot of furries are very nice people. There are a bunch of them who take it too far (Therians or whatever they call themselves), but for the most part, it's just a branch of the cosplay community.

  18. Honestly the only therians I've seen are the ones on tik tok who prance around their backyards. The spiritual connection is interesting, but when people start taking it too literally and acting like an animal irl, that's where I start seeing an issue with it

  19. My 1050 cries every time I boot up anything that isn't essentially 8 bit

  20. You can take a bus from Sheppard West to Yonge & Sheppard faster than you can take the train across the city, there already exists surface routes that accomplish what you ask, and since those routes are seldom full, it's not like spending billions on a subway would solve any problems there.

  21. You're talking about the 84 route, which is consistently packed like a can of sardines

  22. Only during rush hour, which, I've got news for you; so is the subway.

  23. Except it's not only during rush hour, it is consistently packed throughout the day. I take that bus almost every day, and unless you push your way to be one of the first on the bus, you aren't getting a seat, and you're barely getting a space to stand

  24. So good. I like the one he does about a customer asking for a previous discount.

  25. Been thinking about it. I already uploaded the drive folder of most of his videos in the comments, so I feel like it wouldn't make sense

  26. I have 4 they're all matte green primary, with red, orange, purple, and blue secondary, so they look like ninja turtles

  27. He's ripping off another guy on TikTok who does the exact same bit word for word, but the other guy does it infinitely better

  28. Hoping it was getting on that trailer to go to the scrap yard

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