1. Yellowstone State Park in Blanchardville is really nice, open to the public and free. Just have your state park sticker

  2. I wouldn't necessarily call it nice. The pistol range is a bunch of chewed up particle board stands. A club is a big step up

  3. It's clearly satire, but for a while I couldn't tell whether it was leftists making fun of landlords or edgy 4chan chuds making fun of leftists' view of landlords. After noticing a pattern of vaguely anti-Semitic posts there I did a deep dive into some user profiles and found that it's the latter. Lots of "edgy" anti-woke kids and overlap with

  4. I tend to thrift used clothes but if I want something good quality I buy from sites like unionlabel.com which almost exclusively sells union made clothing. A little on the expensive side but it's always higher quality and lasts longer than fast fashion crap. Plus the chaotic low tech vibe of the web page is endearing lol

  5. Finally I can carry my keys in a coat pocket and not my pants pocket

  6. I haven't personally used these, but I know that these places offer personal trainers: Badger Strength Den, Goodman/Lussier Center, YMCA East.on Cottage Grove Rd

  7. They're not wrong. Unions could only exist under capitalism because the purpose of a union is for the workers to collectively wield their power in negotiation with management. Bargaining only works if nobody goes to work.

  8. This is an easy one: both you and your neighbor should invest in a decent pair of headphones. Your sound quality when listening to music will be way better. She should get some noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones for work that will drown out ambient noise. I have a mid-range pair of Bose headphones that work super well for that.

  9. I noticed you have an extra space between your 1st and 2nd sentences in your post. No wonder they're on your ass. /s

  10. Most basic statistical techniques can be used in QE. The other day I used a binomial probability distribution to decide what the build quantity should be for a first article lot to detect a potential defect with a certain occurrence rate in inspection.

  11. Heartland Credit Union if you're on the east side

  12. Have you bought a copy of the ISO 13485 : 2016 standard? That's your first step.

  13. That's what popped into my mind. No left person I know would say this. Looks like a ragebait repub psyop

  14. Maybe look at NPI/design quality engineering or regulatory roles. Working in manufacturing is lowest on the salary ladder for QEs. At the very least a job switch will bump his pay.

  15. "I'm ok with the 5% pay cut for WFH, but only under the condition that I receive compensation for leasing my home as a company office, which includes utility and wear-and-tear costs. That additional compensation happens to be 5% of my current salary."

  16. Thanks for bringing this up. I have never heard of it, probably because I haven't worked with textiles

  17. Got it. Read that FDA guidance I linked and make a biocomp risk analysis. It will take a bit of time to read through and make but it will absolutely help you make a decision on this and defend it later.

  18. Write a CAPA about how people are over-reliant on you. Seriously. If it's overloading you and distracting you from your job it's worth escalating to get the root cause fixed.

  19. You can literally do it all with enough money and resources. But for some things even very large companies contract it out. Biocompatibility testing is one that almost all mfgrs contract out to.

  20. If you can get a copy of ISO 13485 and IEC 62304, reading those is a good start. Those are the central standards for medical device software development. They are easy to read but do cost money to buy. Likewise, you can read the IMDRF's guidance on SaMD (software as a medical device), which is free online.

  21. Apple has mechanical engineers in hardware design and building design for their data centers. The statement "I want to work at apple". Doesn't really mean much though.

  22. OP specifically stated "I want to work as a software developer not an ME"

  23. I read that sentence as "other people say they want to be developers but I want to be an ME." I could be wrong though.

  24. I visited Singapore recently for work and people there told me that the current price for a certificate is around $75,000 USD. Yet there are still tons of cars in the island. Cars are definitely seen as a status symbol and desirable for higher salaried "professionals".

  25. Can you cite any specific examples that have led to real degradation of progress? Or are you just tone policing?

  26. OK, so what is the effect of those threads on anything?

  27. Pretty typical failure, fracture at the HAZ line of the gusset welds.

  28. Certain QE positions require some applied statistics (for example, high volume manufacturing, reliability, or industrial engineering focuses). Likewise if you are a more test engineering-focused QE you might need technical skills in programming or fixture design. Others might be more focused on less technical aspects like medical/pharma regulations, design controls, document controls, CAPA, supplier management, etc... So it depends on the role, the company, and the team you are on. This is generally easy to gauge in interviews.

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