1. Warriors doing everything they can to keep the Lakers out of the play-in

  2. We have the tie breaker over the both teams and a pelicans W puts the warriors in the play in. They are only hurting themselves

  3. Wow, I'm sure Raiders fans are just oozing with confidence!

  4. Yeah he was a senile nut job but you can’t overlook the accomplishments in his three prior decades

  5. But we won the game and made it seem like Carl Cheffers was crying on TV because he didn't like being booed, so I'll take it as a win.

  6. That RTP should have never been called but then the spineless refs started giving the chiefs make up calls all throughout the second half. IIRC they called holding on a field goal attempt that the chiefs missed which gave them a new set of downs and then eventually scored a TD when it was a 24-23 game.

  7. Okay and that’s my point? Both teams were completely fucked over by terrible officiating in that game.

  8. She’s literally saying “Fuck this family” I’m done lol

  9. Drafting Brian Breese at 7th overall and then a WR which is not a position of need at 38?

  10. I’d be hurt but wouldn’t be opposed to trading Renfrow for Hopkins

  11. Vikings fans seem to be mad they he wasn’t re-signed, so I’m taking that as this was a good signing!

  12. Can’t think of a scenario that really makes sense. Broncos want at minimum a 2nd plus a starter. WR would be the biggest need if trading him which would require a 2nd plus one of the Browns receivers. Cooper is out obviously and I don’t see the Browns sending peoples jones plus a 2nd. Just don’t see how it works overall.

  13. A minimum of a 2nd round pick plus a starter for a WR that has yet to either get 75 receptions or have a 1,000 yard season in three years.

  14. Looks like my dude trust me source was right in terms of what the bears wanted

  15. That username sickens me. But your intuition astonishes me. We'll call it even.

  16. But seriously, since our defense is going to give up 20+ every game, what's their records in that scenario?

  17. Jimmy was 13-15 when the defense allowed more then 20 points

  18. Alex Van Ginkel is in town today visiting the raiders. Could be signed today.

  19. https://old.reddit.com/r/miamidolphins/comments/11rfn9k/jackson_for_those_who_have_asked_me_about_andrew/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=usertext&utm_name=raiders&utm_content=t1_jch7y15

  20. Marcus Epps tops out at 1st overall, can’t put my finger on if he’s going to be good or bad.

  21. Okay what about Khalil Mack. Once a raider always a raider

  22. Washed clean of his sins in the blood of the lord.

  23. Nah he’s still a raider buddy. Played 4 years in silver and black compared to 1 in chargers blue

  24. Broncos being the 2nd most overrated team is not surprising. It seems like every year they win the offseason or make aggressive moves that people talk up and then proceed to get crowned as a sleeper team or team that can potentially knock off KC.

  25. The delay of the Jimmy G presser is fascinating. To have been this late and silent, there is a reason. Fascinating.- Hondo

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