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The Anatomy of a Punt Block feat. Nebraska Special Teams

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  1. — end of story. Nothing else is close, whether is privacy, developer portal, you code, features, results. This is the best search engine period. Check it out. Very impressive.

  2. Do they have their own index? Or is just a proxy for another index?

  3. They’ll option their way into a score after an interception or fumble. …oh wait! 🤭🫣

  4. Only a dozen OL???! Milt had 30 OL including walkons. That’s how you have 4 work stations. There are too many skill players and non-contributors on this team. Need more OL/DL PRONTO.

  5. With the exception of #75, none of the players wearing numbers in the 70’s have pipes. They better be lifting their asses off! 🤦🏽‍♂️

  6. Chin’s defense: over the last 4 years our defense has ranked in the bottom half of the big ten - going from last year to 2018

  7. Chins has a lot to prove to be considered “great” or “above average.” He’s nowhere near McBride nor Pelini. The defense last 5 years has been pedestrian at best when I think of the great blackshirt defenses.

  8. Was that the game Martinez injured his ankle? He never returned to that top speed he had before that game

  9. No Martinez was injured in Columbia

  10. We are so far from where we were back then. OMG! 😔🥺🤬🤦🏽‍♂️

  11. I get the other two but I'm not sure what Robin did to deserve that?

  12. He’s a pathetic writer, full of errors, and has a comprehension problem.

  13. Of your acceptances, PSU is the best. None of the ivies or little ivies are worth it for STEM. Berkeley would have been great, otherwise don’t sweat it. I was so unimpressed by MIT! Looks like business campus with no school spirit. Enjoy this time at college. Only once!

  14. Vik’s food was disappointingly very bad, very western, and expensive. Nothing authentic about it. Yuk! I had heard so much about this place. Once you taste the chai, you will know everything else about this food. How do you screw up chai???! 😳🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  15. Amazing prestigious program! Grab it if you can get in after interviews. Very selective! Congrats! Many, many benefits.

  16. Garbage lazy analysis! Half or more of that highly ranked roster is no longer with the team or simply not as good as advertised. 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  17. These freaking SPT coaches are clueless!!

  18. 1 doesn’t count and perpetually overrated and biased.

  19. It’s going to be too loud for her. Trust me.

  20. These commentators are terrible - that’s as much excited as you can muster??! Very little description provided if no tv was available. Just pathetic!

  21. Antivaxxers can eat sheet and die!!

  22. Shooting too high. Need to apply to mid to low tier schools in the US!

  23. Red Roof inn needs to freaking go! Sheesh! Why not have blaring Las Memorial neon lights. 🙄 have classy, not a flashing crap.

  24. Ummm nope. Honestly, everyone should look for the right fit regardless of rankings. CMU is a stellar school, no doubt.

  25. Pseudo-research my ass... just because they’re a lot smaller and have less total research output doesn’t mean they don’t do meaningful research similar to top research institutions. That’s irrelevant to the ranking anyways since it just shows how which undergrad institutions feed best into grad schools

  26. Tell me who does research at an advanced level - PhD students or undergrad newbies????! 🙄 Tell me how research is conducted in RESEARCH universities that have PhD programs vs very good LAC’s?! I work with many, many research programs from a corporate setting setting corporate partnerships. Never worked with Williams even a one-time. Good luck with bogus belief system. ✅🙄

  27. Thanks for being a Dick, Dick. Clueless punk! I’m done with your ignorant ass! You just want to argue rather than understand the point I am making. And made previously supporting some of position. Now scram!

  28. Dude I honestly almost had a fucking seizure reading this comment and I can't tell whether you're being serious or not.

  29. I am not interested in arguing with your naïveté. So I have deleted my post. Suffice it to say, you will find out soon enough.

  30. And if you’re not familiar with where Berkeley is, Berkeley is essentially in the Silicon Valley area. Certainly within a quick driving distance. SV recruit from Berk.

  31. Umm! Uhhh yes! I lived there. I am saying if outside of Texas, go for Berkeley for sure. It’s a very prestigious national and international school. My kid got in too as an early admit to CoE and Honors. 👍🏽✅🙏🏽

  32. Congrats! My son got into Berkeley last week, too! I think I didn’t respond right. I meant to address the OP in case OP wasn’t familiar with the area!

  33. Congrats to your son too! 👍🏽😀...You’re good. 😉✅ I am in Austin and so have familiarity and relatives who have attended both. 👍🏽

  34. Both MIT & GT are urban office building campuses. 🙄🤗 Having attended traditional campuses, this is a really turn off for me. Another one is NYU. These are commuter schools with no campus spirit. All business like. 😏😏😏

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