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  1. Why does he look like Todd Howard?

  2. What do you mean Glorious Mareșal with 19999933993939393939393288264464637738282727266226272782920202918mm frontal plate and 17172626533553595958473652424262839338726252415262728282828376475950832725436496049365336849583366352739506698362524263858955949Pen with HE 💪💪💪💪💪💪

  3. Yes they can, how to beat submarines? The fish nets

  4. Wow, I strongly disagree with so much but ok. Steel Commanders would be my only F. The end of the war to end all wars and Gott mit uns would both be A tier for me. At least those things I found most interesting at first glance. Thanks for putting this out there to discuss, though

  5. The fact that they’re seven, have a phone and like the Nazi’s scares me

  6. the ussr lasted 7 decades, defeated the nazis, and saw development that very quickly took russia from semi feudal agrarian monarchy to an industrial superpower competing toe-to-toe with the us bringing about scores of innovation in technology and other fields. russia and the surrounding area has only ever been worse off since it's undemocratic dissolution, inarguably the greatest geopolitical tragedy of the modern age if you actually know anything about history. it's not at all comparable to the failed project which was nazi germany.

  7. The gay admins banned glorious balkan superiority 💪💪💪

  8. They are best used for what they are, tank destroyers.

  9. Same thing happened with the IS-3 and BMP-1, soviet weapons sure scared the west

  10. "James get the B-29 ready, we might have to drop the third one."

  11. We are close to them, if they aren't in the game by early 23' i will lose hope in this game

  12. BTW the Russian devblog did a whoopsie and included features like "Top speed over Mach 2", "Great maneuverability" and "Wide range of combat missions".

  13. Now I'm imagining a battleship dogfighting with F-22d

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