1. What's wrong with the email? In today's age, unfortunately you're going to see lockdowns when they were simply misunderstandings and not necessary. Better to play safe than sorry. In such situations, you don't want to give out all of the information of said misunderstanding, they are minors. Of course when your kids safety is on the line, I can understand the frustration, but they have to find a balance between public perception of safety and student confidentiality.

  2. I think it’s mostly that this email had a lot of words without saying anything. I agree that they don’t need to name any potential kids involved and ruin their lives, but it makes sense to provide a bit more information about the “threat.” Why can’t they just add in “there was a report of an armed individual, upon further police investigation it was found that the item was not a gun.” ? This doesn’t malign anyone but it gives parents at least an idea of what happened.

  3. This is a good point. Interstates are designed to operate as emergency runways, so trees are kept clear way off the roads. This isn't the case for state or county highways so they could very well be littered with downed trees.

  4. This is an urban myth. Highways are not runways. The reason they cut trees back on many is so people don’t wrap their cars around them.

  5. When we were looking for houses one guy had had his place built with fold-back walls. Like the ones they had in 1970s schools and offices where you would actually fold the walls back on a track, and all the bedrooms were against the outside of the house and the doors were this plastic accordion sort of thing.

  6. Missed opportunity! Imagine never having to second guess if a wall is load-bearing

  7. Wait…what is the original intended use of elephant anal barbs..?

  8. I believe barbs is short for “barbiturates,” so, elephant tranquilizer.

  9. Wow, lots of LD hate here, so i will give you my thoughts on LD 3 years into it. I love LD because its 60% engineering and 40% communication. Skills required to thrive are communication and problem solving (obviously) just like any facet if engineering. Any monkey can count cars or draw a rectangle in CAD, but to work in tandem with local officials, contractors, owners etc… to get a project complete requires strategic problem solving when issues come up. In addition, working with local/ state officials, contractors, developers etc., opens up a ton of doors. I personally want to become a developer and now i have the connections and knowledge to do so.

  10. Thank you so much for your kind words! Yes I think somehow I’ve just missed the mark and there is something missing! I totally understand what you mean and I think I’m going to invest in some nice wall art or maybe some more interesting curtains!

  11. I agree with the comment above, and would add that the monochromatic look is a bit too well-coordinated. Everything is the same color value, meaning you don’t have a mix of light and dark cream/beige, and instead have mostly the same exact color. You can keep it neutral if that’s what you like but give interest with different values. Using the second photo you have as an example, you’ve got deep, rich brown, medium-level brown, light cream, and a touch of color (while still being quite subdued, brownish tones). I think you need to carry some of that over to the bed area. Get a dark throw or pillow, or a very light, almost-white one. Add a neutral, subdued piece or artwork above the bed. If you like plants, add some green and lean on nature for some inspiration and interest:

  12. I’m all for the death penalty. Especially lately where forensics has become so finely dialed in. I’m sorry that innocent people have been executed, but not sorry enough to change my stance on execution.

  13. Forensics really aren’t that “dialed in,” though. It seems that way, especially with all the sciencey crime shows these days. But, for example, blood spatter, bite mark, and hair sample analysis are all… junk. They’re incredibly unreliable and cannot even be considered a true science. DNA is a great tool that has a good track record in terms of accuracy, but that’s it, really, and even DNA has its limitations.

  14. I’m happy for her. I remember she was rightfully upset that Peter took the proposal moment away from her, but this relationship seems way more genuine and better. Such a gorgeous ring too.

  15. Do you know if they will add inches free of charge? My 36 inch inseam has hindered my whole fashion life.

  16. I would guess no. When they hem the pants, they just cut fabric off and add a new line of stitches. Adding length is impossible without a seam unless you make it custom from the beginning.

  17. I think you both read that backwards. The episodes are what last a few hours to a few days a month. Not the good times.

  18. That’s what she said at first. But in the next paragraph she says she feel like they get “one or two days per month” where she feels happy and secure. I think she’s trying to downplay how severe and on-going his issues really are.

  19. Totally random but Jon and Kate (of plus 8 fame) renewed their vows in Hawaii sometime before their very public separation.

  20. Lolol I’m glad I’m not the only one who has this as their first reference point for “view renewal = divorce”

  21. I genuinely don’t get this. I have never had a hard time getting ricotta at all of the grocery stores near me, and have various brands and sizes available. I don’t live in a food wonderland.

  22. Grocery stores are very different now than they used to be, though. Italian food was far too “ethnic,” and a lot of immigrants wanted to fully assimilate anyway, so there was no need to carry exotic things like ricotta outside specialty shops.

  23. Maybe it’s where one lives? Ricotta made by Polly O has been around here for ages made by a major manufacturer.

  24. It’s not St. Louis style in Columbus, it’s Columbus style lol There are quite a few square cut, cracker crust places. Honestly this is the first time I’ve ever heard someone say this is St. Louis style!

  25. Because if you don’t go back to work you lose years of experience in your career which prevents you from advancing.

  26. Yep! And if you have more than 1 child, spaced 2 years apart: you’re out for 7 years with 2 kids, 9 years with 3 kids, and so on. For most women, they’ve only worked 3-10 years when they’re having kids, so they’d be out of the workforce for longer than they were in it.

  27. Pretty bold statements. New airport and train service are big words.

  28. I started reading this thinking “oh that’s neat,” and got slightly more skeptical as the list went on. Reading plans for “passenger rail” told me this was more of a wishlist than an actual plan. I’ll be dead and dusted before the railroad gives up its stranglehold and Columbus gets serious about passenger rail.

  29. There’s definitely a plan for a train, that doesn’t mean it’s fully fleshed out or going to be approved though. The city contracted a consulting firm a while back to look into it.

  30. You’re right. I should have been more specific with my use of “plan.” I guess I meant more that: there is a layout, there is budget, there is an approved, permitted design, there is a schedule. It is happening.

  31. It's shockingly weird that so few people seem to have the vaguest idea what algebra is.

  32. It’s shockingly weird people don’t realize that there isn’t enough information given to solve this algebraically.

  33. The answer is literally 5p+70. You got it right already. It’s not that challenging.

  34. It literally says “find the total value,” though. Not “write an expression,” or “how would you rewrite this word problem using algebra?”

  35. As a British Columbian, I feel like the water will likely run South, is there actually a conversation about a Great Lakes pipeline over the Rockies to California?

  36. The only conversation about a Great Lakes pipeline is from Redditors who have no idea what they’re talking about. It’s literally illegal to remove any water from the Great Lakes watershed.

  37. The recently changed it so that you cannot take turn left onto Tuller from Riverside. So theoretically you can’t get from Emerald to Tuller without going all the way up to Bright then taking Sawmill over 270 then back down to Tuller.

  38. Okay and again, go like 200’ down Riverside and there is a left turn lane with a light and all. It would take like 5 minutes instead of 4. Building this bridge is an insane waste of money.

  39. I did test drive one recently and did enjoy it. The more I learn about the car the more I want it the deeper I get into the research about the car.

  40. I don’t know why you aren’t adding back in the cost of electricity from charging it. You can’t delete all the gas costs and act like that’s a fair comparison. The fuel may not be gas but it certainly isn’t free.

  41. Right. It's one thing to hear about paramedics fighting to save someone, but that's a far cry from watching with your own eyes.

  42. And not even just see it, but to hear it. They probably heard his ribs breaking from CPR. If the meds used the AED, they might have called “clear,” and they might have shocked him multiple times. They probably made statements about him having a pulse, and about him NOT having a pulse or not breathing. As professional as the medical team was, I’m sure there was a level of seriousness and urgency, and possibly frantic-ness, in their voices as they worked on him for 10 minutes. Even the players who turned away or closed their eyes probably have horrific audio about their friend and colleague being dead burned into their brains, which we as fans can only imagine.

  43. Overwhelming anxiety. Inability to provide my daughter with the life she deserves. No car. No income. No social life. Poor health. Ever increasing debt. Idk what i could be missing here. Popular opinion is sell the house which I'm not opposed to but without transportation or income I feel like nothing I do is going to make a difference. I've had points in my life where I feel like things see bad but I always had a paycheck coming in, always had a car and i never had to worry about letting down the most amazing person the world has ever seen. Everything just feels like it's barely hanging by a thread and I can't even get to a store nor can I afford thread

  44. The house is income. One-time income that you need to be diligent with, but income! Once you sell, you now have a pot of money you can use to rent a new place, pay off your bills, get a new car, and maybe even get your daughter back her gymnastics classes. How much do you think you can sell for vs. how much is left to pay on your mortgage? How much do you have in overdue bills? Try to add all these up to see what you’d be working with if you sold.

  45. Bills fan, too. It’s been so heartwarming seeing people recognize that football is a sport, it’s not more important than a life. We can goof with each other and pretend gag when we meet a dolphins fan. But when it comes down to it, people’s lives are the only thing that maters.

  46. It’s about to cross $4 million, and, I think, even more beautifully, it’s got 150,800 individual donors.

  47. You love to see it. It went from 20k, 30 minutes ago to over 600k.

  48. When I refreshed and saw it over a million, it made me cry. I hope so badly that he pulls through so he can see the love that the whole nation is sending to him right now.

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